WWE Breaking News: Barry Windham in ICU "Near Death"

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIIOctober 27, 2011

Slam! Magazine
Slam! Magazine

It's always hard to think about the legends of our youth becoming simple, mortal men.

Barry Windham, former NWA World Champion, was taken to the hospital and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit according to Slam! magazine:

"Bob Windham, known in the wrestling world as Blackjack Mulligan, revealed today that his son, Barry Windham, is in an Intensive Care Unit in a Florida hospital.

 "I have a son near death," he posted on his Facebook page, asking for prayers. Other posts say that the 51-year-old Windham suffered a stroke."


I can say from some experience, that stuff is not good.  As long as they caught it early, then he stands a fair chance of recovery.  Ultimately, as noted in the article, the next few days will be critical.

An extremely decorated wrestler and he is best known for his time chasing Ric Flair for the NWA Championship, joining Flair's stable, "The Four Horsemen," and some brief work in the WWF's tag division.  He most recently worked backstage for the WWE as a producer.

It's a critical time for them and I wish to extend any good vibes to Barry and his family.

There really is no analysis to do with this, other than to watch and wait.  I'll add more to the article as I get more information.


UPDATE 1:42 am MST: PWInsider is reporting that family members have said it was a heart attack.

UPDATE 4:19 pm MST: It's been reported by LordsofPain.net that Windham is still in ICU.  He was reported to have been found by brother-in-law and current WWE agent Mike Rotunda

UPDATE 9:42 am MST 10/28/11:  Via SEscoops, Barry remains in ICU, but there is "much improvement" according to his father, Robert.  Goldust stopped by and tweeted tweeted the following.

“Just visited my friend barry windham in hospital….hes in good spirits.z #prayforbarry”