Oklahoma Sooners: History, Translation & Definition

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

In light of recent BCS disasters and snubs, this year’s "Oops I did it again" award goes to the BCS committee, and the ridiculous formulas for selecting No. 1 and No. 2 for the so-called National Championship game.  It is specifically appropriate for the Oklahoma Sooners being selected over the Texas Longhorns.

The award is only logical, as it is the third time since the 2003 season that the OU Sooners have been pegged to get pummeled in the BCS Title Game. They clearly have been outclassed on two separate occasions and you would think the NCAA would put a ban on their participation in a BCS Title Game.

After Oklahoma had 55 points put up on the scoreboard by the USC Trojans in 2004, I know certain influential people in NCAA Division I Football put out the following statement "Oklahoma has been banned from playing in the BCS Title Game, pending further investigation into allegations that they refuse to 'Man Up' in big games outside of the Big 12."

This investigation was then further supported by the lackluster performances put up by the Sooners when they were humiliated by the out-manned Boise State Broncos in the 2006 season Fiesta Bowl, and then demolished in 2007 by the West Virginia Mountaineers 48-28!

Now, the Oklahoma Sooners, with a clearly disgusting track record in BCS games, have back-doored their way once again into the BCS Title Game, where they will be properly punished by the Florida Gators and disgraced once again in College Football’s biggest spotlight.

Recently, I did a study into the origin and definition of the words Oklahoma and Sooner.  As you will see the results are somewhat prognostic from their historical and proud Native American Cherokee language and make total sense to me as well as the rest of the college football world outside of the Sooner state.

Oklahoma:  Translated into English as the phrase "Clearly lays down in big games."

Sooner:  Translated from mascot title to the phrase "We will get are butts kicked sooner than later...believe that!"

I know some of these definitions and translations may come as a surprise to Oklahoma fans, but the rest of America understands that those definitions ring true; the only people who forget are the two idiots who sit next to Chris Fowler on College Gameday, and the numb-skull coaches who voted OU high enough to trump the Longhorns!

The BCS should be dead and gone, but it continues to let teams like Oklahoma play and other worthy opponents are continually left out. A true National Champion can never be crowned!