Baseball's Rich Get Richer...While Every Other Team Struggles

Kenny BowyerContributor IDecember 10, 2008

Reports are circulating that the New York Yankees are "very close" to a preliminary agreement with lefty CC Sabathia on a seven-year, $160M deal.  Should he sign with the Bronx Bombers (and let's face it, he'd be a fool not to), the Yanks would be back to contention in the AL East.

And I will be done with baseball.

Major League Baseball (preferably the Yankees and Red Sox) continues to go out and prove that this holiday season, "Yes, Virginia, you can buy a championship."

MLB is making it harder and harder for the small market teams to become a contender.  This past season, the Tampa Bay Rays wore the slipper at the Ball but fell short of the crown.  Still, for a team like Tampa Bay to beat the mighty Yanks and Sox was just what the sports needed. 

Major League Baseball might as well just disband three-quarters of the teams and just let the big market teams duke it out.

It's no wonder that Major League Baseball is losing fans.  With the strike of '94 still leaving a bad taste in many fans' mouths, plus the fact that most of the game's big time stars might be on some kind of steroid, the owners/players/league are doing everything in their power to ruin the game that was once good.

The rich just keep getting richer, while the poor continue to be in the cellar of all divisions.  The sad part is, the Yanks may not be done shopping this holiday season.  Rumor has it that they are still interested in some more big name players.

My only wish this Christmas season is that come next October, none of the big market teams who want to buy a championship will be in the playoffs.

If you want to buy a championship, go to eBay and do a bidding war.  Apparently those teams have the money, so let them duke it out the best way they, buy, buy.

Let the REAL baseball teams do their purchasing of a championship on the field.