Fantasy Football 2011: 4 Tactics to Turn Your Season Around

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: 4 Tactics to Turn Your Season Around

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    Most leagues should be just about halfway through the 2011 fantasy football season and by now league owners should know where the holes on their team's lie. 

    Some of you lucky owners may have started hot and are well on your way to locking up a top playoff spot. While the less fortunate are looking for the key moves to make to turn their seasons around.

    There are certain factors that are out of our control, like injuries and disappointing seasons. However, there are always options to shake up your roster in an attempt to get back on the winning track. 

    Here are four strategies that could turn your fantasy football season around and get your team in the playoffs. 

Trade for Underachievers

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    With all of the break-out stars that come with each fantasy football season, there also comes the list of disappointments. 

    It is a guarantee that more than half the teams in your league drafted someone in the early rounds that has let them down. There are players at each position that have owners ripping their hair out in frustration with the lack of production. 

    So what should you do when you see this? Buy low. 

    Target guys that have been huge disappointments. Especially if they are coming off a horrible week and the wounds are still fresh. 

    Open up the dialogue with the other owners about their busts. It is sure to stir up some bad feelings and make sending those disappointments packing a little easier. 

    Here is a quick list of names that make excellent buy low candidates. 

    • Philip Rivers - QB
    • Chris Johnson - RB
    • Mike Williams - WR
    • Reggie Wayne - WR
    • Dallas Clark - TE

    All of the above names are proven fantasy commodities that are having terrible seasons. Don't be afraid to make a run at any of these guys if they fit your needs. 

Don't Overpay for Hype

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    These words of wisdom apply for both waiver wire pick-ups and trading for new players. 

    I'm sure everyone is very excited about Tim Tebow taking over in Denver or the huge performance DeMarco Murray is coming off of this weekend. However, this doesn't mean that you should give up the farm to get these guys on your team. 

    The key guys to target should be guys that have long-term job security. A player like Jackie Battle, who was likely picked up in most leagues by now, is a great example of this. He is getting the bulk of the carries for Kansas City and is producing. 

    While it would seem appealing to put together a huge package to get a big name like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, it is important to remember you need production from every position on your team. 

    Value is the first word that should come to mind with every transaction you make from this point out. 

Use Your Stud to Fill Multiple Needs

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    This is the other side of the coin of the previous slide. 

    In one of my fantasy leagues I have Tom Brady at quarterback. Brady has been a fantastic fantasy quarterback thus far this season and I know he has tons of value. 

    The rest of my squad has been battered by injuries and my depth at each position is incredibly shallow. 

    It is getting to the point for me where trading Brady may be the best option. 

    If you happen to have a stud player like Brady or Aaron Rodgers, then throw their name out on the trade block. You are sure to at least get some inquiries. 

    If you can get another owner to overpay for one of these guys then you could be well on your way to rebuilding your team. Don't be afraid to hold those owners ransom asking for packages you know are too much. 

    The key should be to get the absolute highest value possible out of this player. The last thing you want to do is give him up for too little. 

    This is a risky move, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  

Acquire Winners

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    This is often one of the details that goes overlooked at this point in the season. 

    It is best to target players that are on winning teams and teams that are in playoff contention. The last thing you need is to have players you are counting on come playoff time that have given up on their season. 

    Having players on winning teams will increase the likelihood that you will be getting 100 percent out of them week in and week out.

    I do understand there is the risk of having a team dominate the rest of the way out like the Green Bay Packers or New England Patriots could. Then the issue of whether or not players will be rested in the final weeks of the season comes up. 

    However, more than likely you will be better off targeting fantasy talent on winning NFL teams. 

    While none of these strategies are full-proof, they are a great place to start on the long road of building a championship fantasy football team.