A Look into the WWE's Current Tag Team Division

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A Look into the WWE's Current Tag Team Division
Well...I doubt they would even dare cross that grounded man again.

Tag teams, tag teams, tag teams. What pops into your head when you hear those beautiful words? E&C. The Hart Foundation. Otunga and Cena...yeah, that one, not so much.

Tag team wrestling has been a staple of the WWE for years, with the Attitude Era spawning numerous teams that took the art of tagging to another level entirely. From the moment Jeff Hardy ate a spear in midair, and maybe even before that, tag team wrestling has become a big part of WWE programming.

For a while there was a lull with teams like Carlton Banks and Fruity Pebbles winning the titles for a day, and teams like The Hart Dynasty been broken up way too early, but recently, the WWE has seemed genuinely invested in restoring the prestige of tag team wrestling, and so far, a good job has been done.

Well, what then is this piece of writing, you ask?

Well, I would like to take you on a journey...OK, that sounded like a line from a bad film. I'd like to take a look with you, the readers, at the various pairings present in the 'E currently. I will be discussing their momentum, their current angles and what can be done to make the teams better, if anything.

Just to clear the air, what this wouldn't be is an article suggesting new tag teams or ranting about how The World's Greatest Tag Team aren't in the WWE yet–I'll leave that to the creative mind of another Bleacher Report writer. Hopefully someone who actually knows anything about Ring of Honor. This is simply a short, precise article about the populace of today's tag team division–nothing more.

Now, with that introduction out of the way, let us look at today's WWE tag teams.

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