UFC 137: Cheick Kongo Talks Matt Mitrione, Playing Possom vs Pat Barry, and Food

Ari LeVaux@@arilevauxContributor IOctober 26, 2011

During UFC 135 in Denver, Bleacher Report ran into Cheick Kongo at the media buffet. The likeable French striker was kind enough to share some thoughts on a range of topics from Matt Mitrione to foie gras.

The video includes a reenactment—at the interviewer’s expense—of Kongo’s dramatic come-from-behind KO victory over Pat Barry. But if you don’t have time, or can’t understand what the big Frenchman is saying, here’s the Cliff Notes of the interview:

On whether he thinks Matt Mitrione, his co-main event dance partner October 29th at UFC 137, will stand with him: “Not really. He’ll exchange just a little bit.” Kongo anticipates a trap, in the form of a takedown attempt.

On his wild fight with Pat Barry:

I remember everything except the first time he caught me. It was dark for a few second…At that moment I knew there were two possibilities: to have the referee next to me saying ‘Ok, it’s over, calm down Cheick, breath correctly, get back on your side.’  Or, I keep going.

I just dropped the hands you know, and just made him confident so he come for me very confident ‘ok so I’m gonna knock him out.’ I dropped my hands and he dropped his hands too… It was kind of a hook with the right hand like this [demonstrates on me]. I saw him dancing. I wasn’t sure if I touched him. So for sure I just came with the uppercut.

On feelings of gratitude he might have toward Josh Rosenthal, the referee who didn’t call the fight when Barry had Kongo in big trouble: “All of the referees get Christmas cards.”

On his training diet: “I eat everything: Croissant, pan chocolate, escargot, coq au vin.”

On what he likes to eat in France: “Real food. No protein shake. Nothing fake. My body rejects. Except vitamins, amino acids,” and of course MusclePharm products.