How Brett Favre Changed the Football Universe

Mike CraigCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

The year is 2007, and the football season is about to start off. It is a typical year for the NFL as of late. The New England Patriots are starting off well. The Colts seem to be doing their usual. The Pittsburgh Steelers are always finding a way to hang on by a thread.

Now we are in the middle of the 2007 season. The Patriots are undefeated. The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers are fighting for supremacy in the NFC. The Chargers found a way to come back from their poor start to the season. The New York Giants found a way to win no matter what on the road.

End of the 2007 season, all of your usual teams win the divisions. In the AFC, the Patriots won the East, the Steelers won the North, the Colts won the South, and the Chargers won the West. In the NFC, the Cowboys won the East, the Packers won the North, the Buccaneers won the South, and the Seahawks won the West.

The playoffs played out as expected. The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, and the Giants upset everyone by beating both the Cowboys and the Packers to get into the Super Bowl. Even though the Patriots were 18-0, everyone expected them to lose to the Giants.



During the offseason, some things happened. Of course there was the draft and free agency. However, on Mar. 6, 2008, the legendary Brett Favre retired. He stood up on a stage with the Packers logos behind him everywhere crying as he left the game he loved.

The football world did not hear much about the legendary No. 4 for a while after that. Packers' President Mark Murphy stated that they would retire Brett Favre's number on the opening game of the season on Monday night against Minnesota.

A couple of months rolled on and then the football world felt an earthquake. Only slight tremors as Brett Favre sent a text message to Ted Thompson saying he wanted to come back and play. However, it did not seem like that is what Mr. Thompson wanted. They had already committed to Aaron Rodgers.

So Ted Thompson tried to fight it. The longer this lasted, the more and more Brett wanted to come back into the NFL. He finally sent in his letter of reinstatement to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. After a day or two, Brett Favre was reinstated to the Green Bay Packers.

Mike McCarthy and Brett Favre sat down and had a long talk after Favre arrived in Green Bay. Brett felt that with the way the organization had treated him the past month that he could not stay in Green Bay.

It was nothing against the fans, nothing against Mike McCarthy, but everything against Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy who wanted nothing but Favre to be out of Green Bay at this point.

So Brett went back home to Kiln, Mississippi. Not too long after that, the slight tremor of an earthquake the football world felt when Brett said he wanted to come back became a 9.5 on the rector scale. Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets.


The 2008 NFL Season

Brett Favre was now in a different jersey with the same number. Things were not the same for the football world. In fact, Brett Favre had caused a disturbance in the balance of the football universe.

First, Tom Brady went down with an injury causing the AFC East to become competitive (while Chad Pennington went to Miami). Right now, New York, Miami, and New England are all tied with a 8-5 record for the division.

The Tennessee Titans won the AFC South instead of the Indianapolis Colts. Not a usual thing, especially when the Colts were playing like garbage at the beginning of the season.

Same goes for the Chargers. Last year they started off bad, but came back and won the West. However this year, they are still three games behind the Broncos. Something isn't right.

The NFC North is also screwed up. The Vikings have a 8-5 record; however, the Bears are only a game behind them and could easily take the division if the Vikings lose their next couple of games. Meanwhile the Packers are a measly 5-8.

The NFL world is not the same. Even the Steelers are affected by this. They allowed a no-name running back gain 160 yards on them last Sunday! Something is seriously wrong here.

Worse of all, it seems that the areas and people Brett Favre was or is connected to are being affected by this the most. Mike Holmgren, the guy who believed in Favre and kept him in at starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers when sometimes he shouldn't have is having the worst season of his life as a head coach.

The Seattle Seahawks are 2-11. Sorry 'bout that Mike.

Andy Reid, another coach under Mike Holmgren when he was running things in Green Bay is having troubles with his team. The Philadelphia Eagles tied with the Cincinnati Bengals. Meanwhile Donovan McNabb is so bipolar with his play, it is hard to tell whether the Eagles are even really that good.

Way to go Ted Thompson, you screwed up football for everybody. None of these things ever happened before. Perhaps it really was time for Mike Holmgren to retire last season instead of this one.

So this is how Brett Favre changed the football universe.