Why CC Sabathia Is Signing with the New York Yankees

TJ BuzzeoCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

I don’t believe it, but apparently it is all but official that CC Sabathia is going to sign with the New York Yankees. After almost a month of waiting around and receiving other offers, something finally made CC realize that the right place for him to pitch for the next seven years was the Bronx.

That something else was an extra $20 million added on to an already record-breaking deal. 

One quick side note, the economy is in shambles. Everyone knows about “the big three” in the auto industry and the bailout plan. The crisis has hit sports, Francisco Rodriguez signed a deal for less than Billy Wagner did several years ago, and Rodriguez is coming off a record-breaking season.

The NFL, which is as close to bullet proof as a business can be, is laying off 150 employees. How does the recession affect the Yankees? It does not. 

And somehow Jayson Stark of ESPN.com thinks, “It’s not about the money.” Hmm, really?

Anyway, here are my initial thoughts of how Brian Cashman got the pitching ace.

1) The new Yankee Stadium will be nicknamed, “The House that CC Built." 

Sabathia- What about Jeter, A-Rod, or Rivera?

Cashman- Sign and I will tell you.

2) Cashman had Derek Jeter call in a favor with Jay-Z to have Beyoncé sing, “All I Want for Christmas,” to CC. 

It just took a month for everyone’s people to get in touch and make it happen.

3) Cashman, finally made C.C. an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Hank Steinbrenner- Brian go back and make the offer again.

Cashman- Hank- err, I mean Mr. Steinbrenner, I don’t think he wants to play here.

Steinbrenner- Just go back and this time bring Luca Brasi and assure CC that either his signature or his brains will end up on the contract.

Cashman- Ugh!