Manifest Destiny: "Money" Mayweather and "Perpetual" Pacquiao a Real Dream Match

Ronnie BlairContributor IDecember 10, 2008

They both fight for millions, Floyd's millions happen to be endorsed by the United States Department of Treasury and Manny's are the millions of people looking for inspiration in the molten thick Philippines Island.

The buzz around the boxing world is that negotiations have begun to get these two fighters in the ring in the near future. The match up is most intriguing due to the mystical pound for pound rankings.

Well, here is my take on this "Super" fight, and consider that Floyd retired earlier this year. Most experts who witness Pacquiao dismantle De la Hoya would immediately point to this fight as the reason to make Pac-Man a favorite in this match up, but I say not so fast.

IF, and it should be stressed that, IF this fight is made a totally different beast would be standing across the ring from Manny. In fact, if you look at both fighters body of work several things point to another Mayweather victory.

Instead of looking at speed (edge Pacquiao), quickness (edge Mayweather), boxing skills (edge Mayweather), Brawling skills (edge Pacquiao), you have to take a look at the most important factor in a fight so evenly matched.

Pacquiao's major weakness is his defense. His strength is how he attacks his opponents and makes them walk into mistakes (ask Diaz and De la Hoya).

Mayweather on the other hand is more technically sound than Manny is, a major difference in their games is their defense. Floyd uses his defense to create his offense (ask Hatton). His power is underrated and that in itself would be the biggest difference in this match.

Freddie Roach and Roger Mayweather are pretty good at playing human chess, however, the edge would go to Roger because he showed in the Mayweather v. De la Hoya match that he is a better trainer that Roach.

The person with the most to lose in the match up would be Floyd. He prides himself on being able to walk away on his terms and if he makes a return to fight Pacquiao then he sets his self up for more criticism than he already receives.

The winner in a match up between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would be Floyd by decision. It wouldn't be easy, and it may mirror his first fight with Jose Luis Castillo, but Floyd just finds away to pull out wins in big fights.