Kobe vs. Shaq and 15 Sports Stories That Refuse to Die

Justin PedersenCorrespondent IIOctober 26, 2011

Kobe vs. Shaq and 15 Sports Stories That Refuse to Die

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    There comes a time in a sports fan’s life where breaking news can become news that actually breaks you.

    The redundancy of some sports stories can be a tad overwhelming and the constant media coverage some instances receive can get rather…annoying, to put it nicely.

    While certain elements of sports culture demand the public’s attention, perhaps toning it down a bit seems appropriate at times.

    But let’s be real. In today’s world, that is not going to happen.

    So, let’s take a look at 15 sports stories that will never go away, as much as everyone would like them to.

1. Brett Favre

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    This list would feel empty without a Brett Favre shout-out.

    From the constant retirement talks to the latest bashing of his predecessor Aaron Rodgers, it seems Favre will do anything necessary to make sure he is on the minds of sports fans. Just when you think the charade is over, he seems to pop up again and again.

    Maybe Jenn Sterger has the ability to shut him up once and for all.

2. Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees Media Coverage

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    It seems when the MLB devises its prime-time television slots every season, it has one thing in mind: Put the Yankees and the Red Sox on as much as humanly possible.

    The Yankees had a pretty disappointing playoff run, but nothing compared to the epic collapse of the Red Sox. Even though we see both teams play prime time three days a week, adding their internal problems doubles their media coverage.

    With the high-profile names on each squad, the public will always be interested in their lives on and off the field.

3. Steroids in Baseball

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    As Manny Ramirez proved to us earlier this MLB season, steroids are still just as prominent as ever within the game.

    Unfortunately, players and managers are just getting better at hiding such abuse, which is sad. And instead of serving a massive suspension for being caught multiple times, Ramirez took the coward’s way out and retired.

    And while Manny isn’t the first (and certainly not the last) to make headlines for PED use, perhaps shooting himself with a needle in order to gain a slight edge is just “Manny being Manny.”

4. Labor Lockouts

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    The summer of 2011 will be forever remembered by the unholy amount of reporting about both the NBA and NFL lockouts.

    The NFL was able to come to an agreement with owners and players but the NBA is yet to finalize a deal. With the prospect of an NBA season still up in the air, fans and players are becoming uneasy at the notion that a repeat of the 1998 NBA lockout might reoccur.

    Should we expect the same thing in the next 10 years or so? If it does happen, the media will make a spectacle out of it, regardless.

5. Zidane’s Headbutt

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    Zinedine Zidane is one of the greatest players to ever step on a football pitch, but his legacy will not be defined by his stats, goals or charity to the game.

    It will be remembered by that infamous headbutt on Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup, which is purely a shame. Now every time the World Cup approaches, the coverage is littered with images of Zizou’s cranium plastered in the chest of Materazzi.

    His career should be considered unique and timeless due to his achievements, but to a majority it is delineated by that split-second decision in Germany back in 2006, and will forever be associated with every World Cup.

6. Tiger Woods Saga

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    If you have not heard about the downfall of Tiger Woods in the recent year, you must be out of touch with society.

    The story with Woods is pretty complex because it is not all just about the accusations of his adulteries. The fact his golfing career has been hit so hard makes the story infamous.

    Whether or not he reignites his golf game is one thing, but the saga of Tiger Woods will be around forever.

7. The Wackiness of Mario Balotelli

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    If you do not know who Mario Balotelli is, please Google him; you will find yourself scratching your head in wonderment.

    Balotelli is a talented Italian footy player constantly in the news for mostly the wrong reasons, and he is barely 21 years old. Whether he is throwing darts at Manchester City youngsters, fighting a training bib or blowing up his house with fireworks, expect “Super Mario” to astound you with his antics.

    And as long as he is playing the beautiful game, he will continue to add to his zany repertoire of behavior and he will never be forgotten.

8. NCAA Scandals

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    Both NCAA basketball and football have long been linked with scandalous behavior, and their respective stories will never go away.

    From Cam Newton to Bruce Pearl, players and coaches are equally involved in the allegations. The NCAA is throwing around the idea of increasing grants for college athletes, so the notion of ethics will be a continuing topic of discussion for pundits.

    If there are ways to pay these athletes without jeopardizing the morals of college athletics, I am all for it—but is that possible?

9. Tim Tebow

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    Even during his time at Florida, Tim Tebow was the poster child for annoying sports stories that needed to die down.

    Now that he is in the NFL, his image and exposure have only increased. The Denver Broncos should have known what they were getting themselves into when they drafted the quarterback, and hopefully he can play well enough to validate all this attention.

    For the time being, I envision the media hype surrounding Tebow to only pick up instead of quieting down.

10. Ochocinco’s Social Media Exploits

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    If you have any type of social media outlet like Twitter or Facebook, Chad Ochocinco is the last person you want follow or befriend.

    Not only is he over the top with his constant tweeting and updates, he gets himself into trouble because he doesn’t know when to chill out. He has accumulated so many fines for breaking social networking rules within the NFL, but that doesn’t seem to stop him.

    The New England Patriots' newest wide receiver is guaranteed to make headlines, and his social networking exploits have not stopped since he arrived in Beantown.

11. Chicago Cubs

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    Oh, the lovable losers, how I loathe you.

    As a Chicago White Sox fan, only fellow South Siders can truly understand how much attention is paid to the Cubs on a constant basis. It doesn’t matter that they never win, underachieve and always disappoint, they are still one of the most popular teams in the country, and for that they will be front and center forever.

    As Theo Epstein comes to the front office, I expect another 100-plus years of losing to go along with another 100-plus years of coverage.

12. The Miami Heat

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    The Big Three have turned South Beach into a frenzy of publicity and expectations.

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have already made room in their rafters for “not one, not two, not three” championship banners. Considering the Dallas Mavericks just humbled them in their first visit to the finals, they have a lot of work to do before they can start counting titles.

    But for now Miami is a hub for the press and they will continue to follow LeBron and his team for quite a while.

13. Shaq vs. Kobe

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    Who would have thought this played-out, childish feud between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal would spill over even after the latter retired?

    According to The Basketball Jones blog, O’Neal and Kobe still cannot get over themselves when it comes to crediting their title run. Each feels they are the sole reason the Lakers won as many championships as they did and will not relinquish their stances on each other’s work ethics.

    What does this blog post prove? It shows Kobe and Shaq are taking this beef to the grave!

14. Michael Vick

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    Even after serving his time and paying his dues, Michael Vick is still under the public microscope.

    Prior to bouncing back and strengthening his image after his dog fighting scandal, Vick literally played his way back into redemption and secured his second $100 million contract of his career earlier in 2011.

    However, just because he accepted his punishment and went to prison, does that justify the idea of rewarding him once again? This is a debate that will never subside as long as he is considered one of the most gifted quarterbacks ever.

15. Terrell Owens

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    If I could say one thing to a desperate, washed-up and potentially emotional Terrell Owens, it would be along the lines of “give it up!”

    When the news broke early Tuesday that T.O. was hosting a workout for teams to come and scout him, it was almost pathetic to hear that not one potential suitors even showed up. I find it hard to believe anyone will take the requests of Owens seriously, but you can’t fault him for trying to get back into the media spotlight.

    Owens loves being the center of attention, and with his latest comeback gig, it goes to show he will do anything to keep the focus on him as long as possible.