WWE Armageddon:Triple H-Jeff Hardy-Edge Three-Way Match and the WWE Championship

Joseph FrancoContributor IDecember 9, 2008

The three-way match between the Rated R Superstar, the Extreme Enigma, and The Game is probably one of the best matchups I have seen WWE put together in the past couple of months. I have been itching to get to see Edge back in action real bad.

Lately, my thought is that the WWE Championship has gotten stale in the hands of The Game.  This may be because the focus the past few months has been on the Undertaker less than the actual WWE Championship race.

Beats me, but Triple H is absolutely my favorite wrestler, and though I did enjoy watching him have the championship around his waist, it's a great transition.

Though he said he'll do whatever it takes, Jeff Hardy has changed over the past couple of months both in the public eye and in his personal life. I think it would be a huge shocker if he walked out as the WWE Champion.

Also, I really don't see Triple H coming out on top because of his recent reign as champion. The best outcome for WWE is to put the championship on Edge—and keep it on him.

Edge has got it all: mic skills, dominance, power, and at one time, without Triple H and Hardy in the picture, was holding Smackdown together before losing on that fateful day to CM Punk—when he had cashed in his Money in the Bank suitcase on Monday Night Raw.

The backstage politics with Triple H, the recent intoxication of Jeff Hardy at an airport, and the success the WWE has with Edge as a champion indicate Edge will walk out of Armageddon with championship gold around his waist.

Though the desire of Jeff Hardy to win the biggest championship of his career is there, all roads end with the business side of things, which is to put people in the seats and keep eyes glued to the television sets.

I personally think Jeff Hardy will eventually win the championship, but not anytime soon. The title picture at the end will be one-on-one combat between Edge and Triple H.