Phoenix-Milwaukee: Suns Scorch Bucks With Hot Shooting

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IOctober 25, 2016

This was a fun game to watch regardless of the result. And I really feel, against any other team, the Bucks could’ve pulled this one out. Unfortunately, the resurrection of Shaq's corpse and the added paint dominance of Amare Stoudemire was just too much as the Phoenix Suns (13-9) were victorious 125-110 over the Bucks (9-14).

The Suns shot an amazing 58.7 percent from the field, while the Bucks got in foul trouble once again. The Suns shot nearly twice as many free throws. It’s always tough to come back from that kind of deficit. What really seemed to stick in my mind is the way the Suns would pull away, and then the Bucks would fire right back and get close again. This happened several times until the end. 

Finally, it was just too much Shaq. I mean he ended with 35 points along with eight rebounds and three blocks. When is this; 1999? The Bucks leading scorer was Charlie Villanueva with 24 points while adding nine boards.  

Here’s the Box Score.

Andrew Bogut ended with a double-double of 15 and 11, and Michael Redd and Richard Jefferson chipped in with 23 and 22 points respectively. Luke Ridnour did some of the little things like drop 10 assists as well as five rebounds and nine points, but he also shot an abysmal 3-13 from the field. 

The Bucks will look to rebound tomorrow night in Oakland as they play the Golden State Warriors (6-15) at 9:30 pm on FSN. 

TBC's Buck of the Game: Charlie Villanueva—With 24 points and nine rebounds off the bench, he was an offensive catalyst. He also took smart shots tonight and it showed by him hitting 9-16 shots

(AP Photo by Paul Connors)