Philadelphia Phillies Extend Charlie Manuel's Contract to 2011

C KSenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2008

Just a few hours ago, news came out that the Philadelphia Phillies have locked up manager Charlie Manuel for three more seasons.

The team picked up the 2010 option on Manuel's contract and added a year to it.

To me, this shows the team's huge commitment to Manuel, and it further proves how much everyone really likes this guy.

So let me just say: Thank you, Phillies!

But let's travel back in time. Back to Sept. 4, when I declared Manuel "the most underrated manager in baseball."

Your reactions were:

" Good arguments. I like Manuel, but he's not a great manager. He's not that underrated. Not even close."—Jameson Fleming

"Dude still doesn't understand the double switch, he's criminally overused Romero and Durbin, and he's such a pushover that he actually stopped taking Burrell out of close games for a defensive replacement only when Burrell actually said something."—Paul Boye (insaneinthemembrane agreed with Paul)

Paul also added: "He's really an idiot and if this continues we're in trouble." (in regard to having Utley bunt)

Then there were a few of you who were on the fence, and didn't consider him elite or just average.

But are you convinced now?

Is a World Series Championship enough to convince you? Is an extension through 2011 enough for you to change your mind?

Apparently it is, because I clearly remember at the parade that everyone inside the stadium was chanting "Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!"

So let's look at what I said in that article and if what I said was correct.

First, I used the Rollins and Myers situations to prove how well he handles his teams.

After the Phillies won, I recall everyone on the team and many people I know complimenting Charlie and saying the way he handled the club was perfect.

Then I stated how much I thought the players loved Charlie.

I think by we all know how much the team plays for him and loves him. It's basically a proven fact that every player in that clubhouse plays as hard as they can for Charlie.

Was I right about my arguments? Yes I was.

I'm not rubbing it in, I'm just sticking up for Charlie and bringing up the opportunity for those of you who went against Charlie in September to come forward and admit your sins.

Come on. You know you want to. You may not want to admit it, but you now Charlie Manuel is a terrific manager. Just say it.

In September I called him the most underrated in baseball and ranked him with managers like Ozzie Guillen.

Now, I put Charlie right up there with Joe Torre. No doubt about it.