Tools of the Turnaround: A Look at What the New York Jets Are Doing Wrong

John GrahamCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

Figuring out what problems have lead to the recent slide of the New York Jets has never been more obvious.  Instead of boring my readers with worthless stats that really don't prove anything, or making excuses for sub-par performances, I am going to tackle the problems head on:


1. The 3-4

The New York Jets have a defense that is riddled with talent against both the run and the pass, but week in and out they give up hundreds of yards. 

The key to figuring out your weaknesses is to be aware of your strengths.  In this case, the Jets have the personnel and the attributes to play top-notch defense.  So you can't put the fault on the people. 

No, in this case it is coaching.  For some stupid reason that I will never figure out, Mangini and friends have some connection to running a 3-4 defense and rarely ever blitzing more than four defenders. 

As a result, opposing QBs have all the time they could ever hope for to find a receiver.  This, makes guys like Revis look bad when they really aren't. 

It isn't easy to cover an NFL wideout, but when you give the QB an hour and a half to find one with a little separation, it becomes nearly impossible.

Solution:  Go back to a 4-3 and try blitzing for once in your life.  Help your secondary!  Oh yeah, and slap which ever genius brought back Ty Law.  Nobody in the game this year should be so old that they were in their second year when Tecmo Super Bowl came out (Hint to Seau).


2.  The Offense

This is the easiest of all problems to solve.  Take the Tennessee and Arizona game footage.  Watch it.  Run that offense. 

Oh yeah, don't run it up the middle on third-and-eight either.  If that is the game plan, you might consider punting on third so you don't risk a turnover.  That is chicken offense at its worst and never works for this team.

Another thing that might be useful the Jets is to tell Mr. Wrangler wearing No. 4 that, like in Green Bay, he should throw the ball to the green people (unless of course they are wearing those hideous NY Titans throwbacks).

Also, when Thomas Jones is playing so well, who thinks it is wise to let him only run the ball 10 times over the course of the game?  Honestly, if that guy isn't updating his resume right now, then we have already lost.

3.  Laterals.....

'Nuff said.


4.  Underestimation

It is blatantly obvious that the Jets did not prepare mentally for Denver or San Francisco.  Why else would they look so lost? 

I could blame this on Mangini, but this is everyone's fault.  To end a five-game winning streak on a loss where you look like you don't even care is not okay.  There is no such thing as coasting into the playoffs. 

Fortunately, the Jets still control their own destiny, but why let the Pats and Fins back into the race?  That is just stupid!  Get out there and do your damn job, fellas.  If you want to just get dressed up and pretend to be interested on Sunday morning, get off the field and go to church.


Solution:  Get motivated.

These, are in my opinion, the primary short-comings of the Jets these past two weeks.  I could blame that idiot ref for stealing one from us, but I honestly think that the final would have been a 24-21 loss anyways so I won't complain.  We didn't deserve to win that game, and it is no surprise that we lost. 

I love this team with all my heart—but let's be real here, folks.  When they go out there and crumble on their own like that, it is silly to put blame on anyone but them.

Hopefully this all changes.  I have faith that it will.  All they can do now is look to the future and make the changes they think give them the best chance to win.  Like every other fan, I will be there on Sunday to support them.


To all you Titans fans out there

I would like to take this chance to tell all bitter Titans fans who have nothing better to do than plague the message boards with their slander one thing: YOU LOST! DEAL WITH IT!

Just take this chance to thank whatever god you believe in that you lost in the regular season, and not in the Super Bowl like a certain team with a dishonest coach from Foxboro that I won't name here.

It's not like you came a yard short of a Super Bowl here—oh wait, my bad.  Maybe you should be bitter.

Or, you could save that energy for the playoffs.

Or, you could try complaining to someone who really wants to hear a fan of the team with the best record in football complain about their one loss.  Just make sure that you remember that I am not that person and I do not feel bad for you.  Nor do I care what your opinion is on the Jets' last two losses.