Saints-Falcons: “Let Me See If You Can Run It”

Nola ChickCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2017

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Let’s be honest, whether we make the playoffs or not, beating the Falcons is always a good thing. I mean a REALLY good thing. I mean the kind of thing that makes you resist the urge to call in sick or cuss out the slow driver in front of you or drink until your liver starts to dissolve.

Nothing feels better than leaving a “Dirty Bird” with a broken wing. Now, let’s get down to business.

Pierre mutha f***in Thomas! (Yes, it’s true; having a running game is just as gratifying as passing the ball for 400+ yards.) P.T. Bruiser ran for 102 yards against the Falcons!!

That’s right, one Saint ran for over 100 yards!!! Anybody remember the last time a Saint player passed the triple digit mark in rushing yards? It was when Pierre Thomas rushed for over 100 yards against the Bears in the last game of 2007.

With Pierre acting a fool, Reggie Bush had opportunities to stretch his legs against the Falcons’ mediocre run defense. Reggie racked up 80 rushing yards, averaging eight yards a carry. For all you math whiz kids out there, that means he and Pierre combined for 182 total rushing yards.

That’s a season high folks. I’m not sure who gave our coaching staff the crazy idea to balance this offense, (see: nearly every fan and commentator, everywhere), but we chicks thank you for it!

Let me reiterate that I know the Falcons’ run defense is average at best, but that shouldn’t diminish the success we had running the ball. What made the difference this game is that we actually attempted to run the ball beyond the first drive. We committed to the run. Oh what a glorious day!

Defensively, we were able to do what the Falcons couldn’t: we stopped the run. I don’t know about you, but the thought of facing Michael Turner gave me a certified case of the bubble gut. Turner only managed a measly 61 yards against the Saints' D, a good chunk of which came off a 26 yard run.

On the flip side, Matt Ryan picked our asses apart. I mean damn! Beyond that Jason David interception, I felt like I was watching a much less adorable Drew Brees. Man that was painful to watch.

Thank goodness Atlanta Coach Michael Smith decided to punt the ball on the Falcons’ last possession as there’s a good chance Matt Ryan would have had enough time to drop back and pass the ball to himself 20 yards down the field for the first down. (Our Lady of Pass Rush, pray for us.)

Josh Bullocks really went out of the way to let his flop-flag fly. When he wasn’t blowing coverage, he was running into his own teammates. Can’t say Roman Harper looked much better. How I yearn for the day when our safeties actually make me feel safe when our D is on the field...

So what does all this mean in the big picture of life for us Saints fans? Well, you can think of it one of two ways. Either the dream is still alive or the torture continues. I’m feeling particularly gleeful since we battered the birds and my fantasy team is in the process of puttin’ the smack down, so I’m inclined to go with the former.

We’ve got a big game coming up against a team that’s slowly engraving itself on my list of sworn enemies, those bad news Bears. As my father would say, “We owe them an ass whipping.”

Then, it’s the trap game against Detroit. Then, I bring my gris gris to the 'Dome to seek vengeance against the Panthers for crimes I wish not to relive. And even if we do all that, we gotta hope upon hope that other teams do their part to choke late in the season.

So yeah, the playoffs are still a long shot. But damn it felt good to run dem Falcons over like the pigeons they are!

In other news…F*** you Nick Saban! (Cue evil laugh…) Oh, and to all the message board numb nuts calling for the Saints to get rid of Marques Colston, go sit on the pointy end of a fleur de lis you ignorant bastards!

Hmmm…am I forgetting someone? Oh yeah...I vote that from here on out we only pull out the challenge flags for, you know, plays worth challenging. It’s an idea that’s just crazy enough to work. I’m done.


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