Mid-West United States Fishing Report October

Jess KContributor IIIOctober 24, 2011

The weather this fall has been warm and mild in the Midwest, and it looks like it will continue right through the month of October. This has made for some great fishing,


The fall trout season opens this month in Illinois. This year is expected to be great for trout fishing. The fishing regulations have set the daily bag limit to five trout.


Two lakes that have good trout populations are Axehead Lake and Horsetail Lake up in the northern part of Illinois. These lakes are expected to fish well on Deps and KastMaster lures, which are some of the best lures for trout.


Because of the mild weather across the Midwest, fly fishing should be good, too. The aquatic bugs and the hatches should be right on schedule. For those who do their own fly tying, it is recommended to seine the water and see what bugs are there or ask a local fly shop because every area is just a little different.


In south Missouri the fall trout season is also open and expected be very productive on the rivers. The low water level and colder temperatures are good for fishing.


Fishing for largemouth bass is expected to be great in the Midwest. In Illinois, on the Des Plaines River, the fishing is great for largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as pike.


Salmon fishing is good along the lake front of northeast Illinois. It is expected to taper off by the first part of November, but for now fishing with spinners and crank baits are doing well. Fly fishing using purple colored flies are also ideal around this time.


If the fishing slows down or there is a cold snap, playing online fishing games can help satisfy your urge to fish until the fishing season picks up again.