Sabathia To Go Out West to Dry

statboy yankophersonContributor IDecember 9, 2008

The west coast is a generally dry area with deserts in the south.  The west coast is also dry in a different way—winning. No team from out west has won a World Series since the days of Schilling and Johnson pitching together and Bonds and Glaus slugging it out. 

CC Sabathia is going to follow his heart and go out west. Apparently there is no room for a World Series in his heart because he is hiding from it. He is hiding from the pressure and world stage that could have been had with extra money too.

The Yankees are not going to sign Sabathia. In fact, he is just using them to raise a bidding war between his west coast friends anyway.

Instead of ending up with Sabathia, the Yankees will get the best two free agents out there. They are putting on a full court press on Burnett, surpassing the Braves offer, while with the other hand reaching back for more. Also the Yankees are prepping an offer for sheets in the $30 million range. 


When both pitchers are healthy, that statement is correct.  Burnett has a better career strikeout rate, and a lower career walk rate than CC.  He is the more dominant "ace-like" pitcher.

With Sabathia you know what you are getting.  It is true that their is no risk at all.  But if the Yankees weren't willing to take a risk, then why wouldn't they just go after the crappy Derek Lowe.

Sabathia's shunning of the Yankees is his problem, and a blessing in disguise for this franchise.  Without the $140 million contract, the Yankees will be able to sign Burnett and Texiera. 

Burnett is the better option because the Yankees have young guns like Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy to fall back on.  They can afford the risk of having Burnett, just because the reward is so great, and Texiera is awesome.

Hey CC - have fun watching the playoffs from your couch.