2011 Auburn Fans, It's Time to Simmer Down Now, Ya Hear?!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2011

He is just a kid. Cam was 21 when he played at AU!
He is just a kid. Cam was 21 when he played at AU!Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Three days after the beatdown, which was of the same nature two years ago at the hands of the same team, the Auburn fans are getting riled up. Armchair coaches are blaming everyone from the staff on down. Some of it is constructive and the rest is destructive.

I have tried to say this before and I will attempt to say it again. Auburn was not and is not going to win every game this year. They aren't going to win 10 games. They aren't going to win nine games. They probably aren't going to win eight games.

This is a team that is young and inexperienced. And now, hopefully some of the Auburn faithful will realize that no matter how many players are and were rotated in the games last year and this year, it doesn't make a difference.

Why do you think coaches have their starters in the games for some times more than 50 minutes? Sure, so-and-so rotated in to give Joe a breather, but guess what? He didn't play for more than a couple of minutes. 

Auburn fans, ask yourself how many players departed last year's team. Then ask yourself how many starters. And finally, of those players were any of them playmakers? Leaders?

All I heard in the off season was that it doesn't matter because Auburn has Gus Malzahn. We have recruited two top ten classes. Gene is going to take over the defense and so forth.

Sure, Trotter and Moseley are not great quarterbacks. If they were they would have beaten Cam out for the starting spot. Well, actually they wouldn't have. Cam is the reason for the season. Wow, what a player, but I digress.

Even when all the fans were barking about getting Frazier and that he played in the Malzahn system, everyone forgot to realize that he hasn't played fast, complicated, SEC football. Only a fraction of a percent of quarterbacks can come into the SEC and start as true freshmen.

This a building year. And, here is another little tidbit, this building year may just be the foundation. Next year, there may need to be more floors finished out in order to reach the top. 

Remember, this is a team that could have lost to Utah State, I know, a lucky bounce helps, but determination to move the ball afterwards is something else. They could have lost to USC and MSU but didn't. That is part of the foundation. Finish the games.

Auburn fans, you were happy as a kid in a candy store when this staff, team and program brought home the crystal ball, but now that reality has sunk in, you are questioning the very system that gave you that ball.

Auburn was not going to win the LSU game. They weren't even going to keep it close. Auburn is not an elite team this year. Maybe next year. The sooner everyone realizes this, the better off the rest of your season will go.

If Auburn loses four games next year then you can start to question the coaches. But this year, the players need more time. And remember, it's "family, all in."