Former ECW Announcer Joey Styles Knocks Out JBL on Airplane Back from Iraq

Tim ListAnalyst IDecember 9, 2008

JBL was in full hazing mode during WWE's latest trip to Iraq.
First dumping a bucket of ice on ring announcer Lilian Garcia while she was asleep, JBL went after former ECW play-by-play announcer Joe "Joey Styles" Bonsigore.
All week long, Styles was viciously hazed by JBL, who reportedly spent his entire time in Irag severely intoxicated.
Styles apparently couldn't stand it anymore, and when other people got in between the two, Styles blasted JBL with a punch that saw JBL end up with a cut and blackened eye, which was somewhat visible under heavy makeup on Monday Night Raw.  
All reports say JBL spent most of Monday night by himself in the locker room, being very quiet and spending most of the time emailing on his Blackberry. Styles has not commented publicly on the incident.
According to a report in The UK Sun (, Styles is's Director of Digital Media Content.