WWE: Why I Was Wrong About Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan

Marley CardonaContributor IIIOctober 24, 2011

Whatcha gonna do brother, when Hulkamania, runs wild on you? "Realize why you were so good! :D
Whatcha gonna do brother, when Hulkamania, runs wild on you? "Realize why you were so good! :DPaul Kane/Getty Images

Idries Shah once said, "Enlightenment must come little by little—otherwise it would overwhelm."

How fitting. I used to think Shawn Michaels was overrated. I thought he was overhyped, and viewed as though he could do no wrong.

I thought, "damn, why is this guy considered the best? He's really not as entertaining as The Rock or Austin, and definitely not as good of a wrestler as Flair or Jericho."

In some respects, I still believe that is the case. I think as characters, Rocky and Austin are more entertaining. In the ring, Jericho and Flair are/were better. But man, was I wrong about Michaels being overrated.

I only had small tidbits of memories of HBK as a child and those memories definitely should not be used as my only arguments for judgments. 

Thanks to the wonderful invention of YouTube, the amazing luck I had at a pawn shop and the ability to put my feelings aside, I began to see the amazing-ness of Shawn Michaels that people told me about.

His match with Flair at WrestleMania 24 was absolutely, incredibly, breathtakingly perfect. Even better were his matches with Undertaker at WM 25 and 26. They were better than any matches I had ever seen.

His ability to get better with age is uncanny and incredibly hard to come by. So for those, and a few other reasons, I am retracting my vote of overrated. I still don't think he's the best ever, but damn it, is he ever close.

Hulk Hogan is another person I found overrated. I think I might have been more wrong about him than I was about Michaels. Hogan was incredible, charismatic, not technically great but still fun to watch.

Hulkamania was the greatest event to ever happen to the wrestling business. I really wish I could go and witness it firsthand in its heyday. Hollywood Hulk Hogan was just as incredible and masterfully crafted too. 

Both these men were incredible performers in their day and make 80 percent of the wrestlers around now look like Pop Warner kids compared to NFL Players. Terrible analogy, but oh well.