SEC Foootball Predictions: Week 9 Winners and Losers Plus!

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Can he do it?
Can he do it?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Last week was right on schedule except one pick. I decided to pick Jacksonville State over Kentucky. In my Backtrack section, I acknowledged that I was tired of picking winners and wanted to see how far my vodka-induced big head could get me. It turns out pride does come before the fall.

Therefore we shall have none of that this week.

So far on the season I am 55-6. Yes, that does include the JSU-UK game pick. As for this weekend, we have LSU and Alabama off so that difficult pick can be handled later.

First up...


Arkansas at Vanderbilt

The Hogs played a lackluster game against a team that wouldn't lay down. You think Arkansas players saw what Alabama did to them the week before and thought it would be a cake walk? Vandy has a pretty healthy pass defense but has yet to face a player like Wilson and his cadets.

The rushing game for the Razorbacks is not without woes, but it will help balance the attack. The 'Dores don't have a passing game at times and the running game needs some polishing. Arkansas wins 35-17 


Ole Miss at Auburn

A while back I wrote an article stating that Auburn was the worst defending national championship team in the BCS era. Well, I was wrong, they are the fourth after last weekend. I predicted a 35-7 win for LSU, and I was off. The Tigers get a chance to rebound this weekend against Ole Miss.

Offensively neither team is doing well but I would have to say the Rebels are the worst of the two. Auburn has the better defense and home field advantage. But, I wouldn't look for a blowout, just a nice little win. Auburn wins 27-14

Mississippi State at Kentucky

The battle of the bottom feeders. If we could somehow wrap Tennessee and Ole Miss in this game, it would be complete. Okay, sure the Wildkittens beat the Jacksonville Gamecocks, but who hasn't? Think about it.

Nonetheless, the Bulldogs have been looking forward to this game since the loss to Auburn. MSU is on the verge of not getting to a bowl game and Mullen is on the verge of exploding his Fred Flintstone-esque head. 

We know that UK and State are capable of folding under the pressure, but UK does it better than anybody else. With Kentucky having very little offensive and defensive weapons, I think MSU will be able to run Ballard and pass on this team while stopping whatever it is the Cats do best. Mississippi State wins 20-14

South Carolina at Tennessee

If there was ever a win needed, it would be the Vols. Well, you sure can bet the farm that the UGA faithful will be pulling for Tennessee. Without Lattimore it will be interesting to see what the Ole Ball Coach will produce.

USC has a quarterback, albeit not the most tested of one, but with a weapon like Alshon Jeffrey, he doesn't need to be that tested. Look for the Gamecocks to exploit what Bama did this past weekend. South Carolina muddles their way to a win 24-14

The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Georgia is looking to keep the good times rolling, and Florida is looking to find the good times. UF has certainly found some good times at this point in years past with only a couple of wrong turns. 

If Georgia is going to close out the season strong, it starts here.

The Dawgs' offense hasn't been as explosive as what they would like and need to beef up the running game. But, Aaron Murray has been productive enough in the passing game. On the other side of the ball the UGA defense is coming a full circle. The competition isn't that great, but at least they are keeping the stats in line.

Florida is a different story all together.

They have not only had bad luck with injuries, but ball control and what could appear to be a shortfall in coaching have plagued this team. Penalties show a lack of fundamentals and the Gators are dead-last in this category. Penalties will set you back, just ask Auburn about that after last weekend.

From a player perspective you know that UF has the talent but they have to have the execution. With Brantley presumably still out and Driskel and Brissett still coming along, I don't see how this game works in UF's favor.

Unless the Gators throw out a couple of trick plays and possibly exploit an unsound Georgia special teams, this will be the continuation of a very bad year for Florida. Georgia wins 28-17

The Backtrack

What is there to say? The WLOCP has been so lopsided in Florida's favor that it is hard to say they will lose. Hell, if you can't beat a team by using the "choke sign," then how will you ever beat them?

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if UF won. This same scenario happened last season for the Gators. Three straight losses and a squeaky win over the Bulldogs. However, some things may stay the same while parts of it change.

As for the Gamecocks and the Vols, my caveat on this matchup is to expect the unexpected. Dooley needs a signature win, and they are getting slimmer by the minute.


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