Pro Wrestling: Why the PR Powers Are the Best Tag Team Not in WWE or TNA

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 25, 2011

PR Flyer in white mask, San Juan Kid in blue mask
PR Flyer in white mask, San Juan Kid in blue mask

Anyone who knows the PR Powers prior to this article has to agree with me in saying that the PR Powers are the greatest tag team not in WWE or IMPACT Wrestling.

The PR Powers, that's Puerto Rican Powers for short, are real-life brothers Louis and Damon Kendrick. In the ring, they are known as the San Juan Kid and PR Flyer, and together they form the electrifying tag team known as the PR Powers.

After seeing a commercial for MTV's Lucha Libre USA, I decided to check out the show. One thing that stood out, besides all the awesome masks, was this young team.

This team captured my attention like no other tag team or singles wrestler. Yes, they're that good.

The main reason I watch Lucha Libre USA now is because of the PR Powers. I consider them the main attraction of the show.

The Powers are a great high-flying tag team. They're what the Motorcity Machine Guns are to IMPACT's tag team division, only better.

The PR Powers are faster and more X Division-like than the MCMG, if you can believe that.

San Juan Kid and PR Flyer are natural Lucha Libre wrestlers and work well together.

This past episode of MTV's Lucha Libre USA, there was a three-way tag team match with the winners being the inaugural LLUSA Tag Team Champions. The PR Powers, though they were defeated, were by far the most impressive tag team in the match.

They're easily a fan favorite for their in-ring style and skill. Their high-flying antics is what gets fans to cheer them on, and they're the most popular team in LLUSA.

After watching one video of the PR Powers, they have become my favorite tag team in wrestling today.

Even with teams like the Briscoe Brothers, the World's Greatest Tag Team, All Night Express and many others, I consider the PR Powers to be the best tag team not in WWE or IMPACT Wrestling.