WWE Vengeance Results: Top 5 Moments from the Show

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2011

WWE Vengeance Results: Top 5 Moments from the Show

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    Hello Bleacher Report!

    Less then 24 hours after WWE Vengeance, and there is a lot of moments to take from yet another great pay-per-view. Today I am going to list 5 of the top moments from last night's show. At the end of the slideshow, feel free to leave a comment!

    As usual...

    Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder: Ryder Looks Strong in Defeat

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    Many fans were hoping that Zack Ryder would finally win the United States title on Sunday.

    Unfortunately, he lost the match. However, there are a few upsides.

    First: Swagger interfered in the match on the side of Ziggler.

    Two: Zack Ryder has defeated Dolph Ziggler before.

    Three: Survivor Series is in New York (a.k.a Zack Ryder's home state). Would not it be nice if Ryder won the title in his home state?

Rhodes vs. Orton: This Feud Is Not Done

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    I for one was extremely disappointed that Rhodes did not defeat Orton.

    But then I got thinking. What would happen if Rhodes won? Orton would turn super at the next pay-per-view.

    Cody Rhodes is the Intercontinental Champion. Maybe at the next pay-per-view he puts that IC title on the line against Orton in return for another match.

    That is just my idea, but I am one hundred percent sure we have not seen the last of this feud.

CM Punk vs. Awesome Truth: Nash Returns

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    In this main event bout, Awesome Truth gained much needed momentum. Along with their victory, WWE also surprised us with the return of Kevin Nash.

    Near the end of the match, Nash came in and attacked Triple H. This angle sets up a feud between Triple H, Nash and CM Punk. That is, unless CM Punk turns his attention to the WWE Champion.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena: Alberto Retains, Awesome Interrupts Main Event

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    Thankfully for the WWE, they smartened up and kept the strap on Alberto Del Rio. I know a lot of people who were praying that John Cena didn't reach an 11th WWE Championship reign. 

    As for Awesome Truth, interfering in the match gets John Cena feuding with them for Survivor Series (potentially alongside Triple H and The Rock).

Mark Henry vs. Big Show: The Ring Implodes

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    This was, by far, the best moment of the night.

    Many fans were expecting one of two finishes to this match.

    A: Mark Henry wins clean.

    B: Kane interferes for the Big Show.

    What made this match spectacular is it gave both men momentum moving forward.If you don't believe me, watch the video!


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