The Wrong Teams Are Playing for the National Championship...Again

Isaac LuberSenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2008

Well, here we go again.  Another year of college football madness, and another year settled by the BCS system.  Ah...the BCS system!  Every year college football gets more complicated at the end of the season, and every year the BCS continues to show us more and more of its flaws.

Last year, if you remember, Ohio State was the only one-loss team left in the major conferences.  There were a number of deserving two-loss teams that could have gone to the National Championship, including Kansas, Georgia, USC, and LSU.  We all know that Ohio State and LSU got in, but who really should have gotten in?

Let's see what happened.  Georgia demolished Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl and were ranked No. 4 before the BCS selections were made.  USC obliterated Illinois in the Rose Bowl.  Kansas beat a very good Virginia Tech team.  LSU beat overrated Ohio State by two touchdowns and were ranked No. 7 before the BCS selections came out.

USC and Georgia were the two most deserving teams, and the two best teams.  Even if Ohio State had to stay in, USC and Georgia were both better than LSU and had more of a claim to the title than LSU.

The National Championship should have been Ohio State (and that's only because they had one loss) against either Georgia or USC.  Georgia was ranked higher than LSU, and they really did deserve the National Championship that year.  After what USC did in the Rose Bowl, they proved that they also deserved the National Championship.

Now to this year.

What a mess this year was!  There were many one-loss major conference teams who had a fair claim to the National Title.  Let's take this step by step.

First, we'll look at the National Championship.  Florida lost at home to a good, unranked Ole Miss team.  Oklahoma lost by 10 on a neutral field to...No. 3 Texas...ouch.

Now, let's look at the Fiesta Bowl.  No. 3 Texas lost on the road to No. 7 Texas Tech in the final seconds...but they beat Oklahoma.  Ohio State...lost to the two good teams they played, so they don't get a say.

Next, we have the Sugar Bowl.  No. 4 Alabama lost to Florida in the SEC Championship game, but they're still 12-1.  Utah played a weak schedule, and they wouldn't get in anyway because they're in a bad conference, so they don't get a say.

Now we have the Orange Bowl.  The Orange Bowl will now be possibly the worst BCS bowl in history, pitting 9-4 Virginia Tech against 11-2 Cincinnati.  What a snoozer.

Now it's the granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl.  This features No. 8 Penn State against No. 5 USC.  Penn State lost to a very underrated Iowa team, on the road, in harsh conditions, and they were not supplied heaters.  Did I mention they lost on a last-second field goal?  It was a traditional upset that happens to even the best teams in the nation.

USC, on the other hand, lost to Oregon State.  Oregon State dominated them the entire game, even though the final score was close.  Also, just for your information, both USC and Penn State played Ohio State and Oregon State.  Penn State and USC both beat Ohio State, and USC lost to Oregon State while Penn State beat them by 31.

Now let's look at No. 7 Texas Tech, who got left out of a BCS bowl because only two teams per conference are allowed in a BCS bowl.  They beat No. 3 Texas, but lost to No. 1 Oklahoma, who No. 3 Texas beat...see what I'm getting at?  Correct!  The Big 12 mess will start everything off.

Now here's how it goes.  Earlier in the season, Texas and Oklahoma played on a neutral field.  Texas won by a score of 45-35.

Texas then went on to play games against four tough teams in a row.  On the final game of that stretch, they faced Texas Tech on the road.  Texas Tech beat them on a last-second touchdown throw, 39-33.

Texas Tech then went on to play a couple of tough games.  Texas Tech then played Oklahoma on the road.  They got demolished...completely demolished.  Texas Tech was held to 21 points, while Oklahoma put over 60 on the scoreboard, which they ended up doing for five games in a row, a new NCAA record.

The Big 12 mess gives three teams the claim to the Big 12 Championship and the National Title.  Let's put it this way: Texas won on a neutral field and lost on the road, Oklahoma won at home and lost on a neutral field, and Texas Tech won at home and lost on the road.

Texas Tech ended up being down in the rankings and almost losing to Baylor, so they really shouldn't have expected a National Championship bid.  Texas and Oklahoma, however, both have great claim to the National Championship.

I think head to head does matter, and the tiebreaker says not, but since OU jumped Texas in the rankings when they didn't play, the Big 12 tiebreaker puts them in the Big 12 Championship.

I think that Texas, honestly, is more deserving to go to the National Championship.  Texas won on a neutral field and lost on the road on a last second play.  Oklahoma won at home and lost on a neutral field.  Therefore, Texas should be in the National Championship over Oklahoma.

Now for the next part.  Alabama, Penn State, and USC all feel that they have a claim to the National Championship as well.  Let's see what Florida's loss was like compared to theirs.

Alabama lost to Florida, and although they are a great team, they are eliminated for that reason.

Penn State lost in horrible conditions on the road.  Yes, the horrible conditions affected Iowa too, but it affected PSU more.  Penn State is a balanced offense, and Iowa is a running offense.  In harsh winds and cold, it is much easier to run than pass, so Iowa was given another advantage, along with being at home, for this game.  Iowa pulled a classic upset by kicking a field goal in the final second.

Florida lost to a good Ole Miss team (who are not as good as a very underrated Iowa team).  Florida was at home, and it was a clear and warm day.  They lost because they missed an extra point and instead of attempting a field goal with 30 seconds left to win it, they went for it on fourth down and failed.

The last time I checked, a loss at home in perfect conditions is not as respectable as a loss in a hostile road environment in bad conditions.  But oh...that's right, we can just forget about Florida's loss and say that Penn State's loss was horrible and they don't deserve a shot at the National Championship.

USC lost to Oregon State on the road (who Penn State crushed).  USC has a fair say in the National Championship, except that they only proved themselves by beating Ohio State at home (who Penn State beat on the road, where Ohio State has lost only four times in the past eight years).  USC has a case for the Championship, but it's not as strong as Penn State's.

Therefore, from the arguments given, Penn State should be in the National Championship over Florida.

Now I know that all you fans will start complaining, but based on the arguments, these are the deserving teams.  The National Championship should be Penn State vs. Texas.  However, even if that was not the case, other good National Championship matchups could be Penn State vs. Florida, Florida vs. Texas, and Penn State vs. Oklahoma.

Although the National Championship should be an entertaining matchup, the BCS got it wrong, again.  Due to severe blindness and bias by voters, and due to the computers' lack of ability to grade performances, the BCS continues to show more and more flaws.

Either we need a playoff, or the BCS needs to be fixed.  As for this year, the winner of the "National Championship" should have to share it with the winner of the Rose Bowl (most likely Penn State) and with Texas if they win.

Every year the BCS causes more and more controversy and gets worse and worse, yet nothing is being done to fix it.  It is a shame that these teams that deserve the National Championship don't get it.  Hopefully the teams I mentioned will get a share of the National Championship if they win convincingly, but if not, it's even a bigger disgrace for the BCS.

Many fans may attack me for saying that I'm just mad, but so are so many other fans.  The other teams that I mentioned have just as much of a case to go to the National Championship as those who are in it.

In conclusion, the BCS got it wrong again, and it will continue to get things wrong until it is eliminated or fixed.


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