Cal Bears Scalp Utah Utes in Ugly Loss

David JolleyContributor IOctober 24, 2011

Jon Hays throws under pressure. Courtesy
Jon Hays throws under pressure. Courtesy

The game between Utah and California could have been competitive. It wasn't even close. Final score Cal 34, Utah 10. So what went wrong? The Utes could not get it together against the Bears.

Both the offense and defense were horrific. Utah is lucky the score wasn't a larger spread.  So what is wrong with this picture? The Utes have the talent to compete in the Pac 12. Jon Hays is adequate as a quarterback, but he is making some poor decisions.

What to do about about the offensive line? It may just be my observation, but they seem to need some work in actually defending the quarterback and keeping the pressure off him. It was a problem that I noticed before Jordan Wynn got a season ending non throwing shoulder injury. The o-line seems to cave on blocking and allows the opponents defense to get to Utah's quarterback too soon.

Another thing is those turnovers. They are back with a vengeance. Utah is turning the ball over so often the team mascot should be the "Pancake."  

Utah lost another game it could have had a decent chance of winning. Now Oregon State comes to Salt Lake City. Should the Utes just forfeit the game, and the Beavers get their share of gate receipts and send them back to Corvallis with a "win?"

Utah's woes are partly on the players not getting the talent synced to make the plays necessary. Each player has a job to do. If one player blows a tackle, or misses a block, fumbles the ball, throws an interception or fails to cover his assigned man, it is costly.

The coaches have to be held accountable. I kept hearing about what an offensive genius Norm Chow is. I am wondering, can he get the players to buy into his vision and make plays?

The defensive coordinator has better talent to work with. But they are missing the key plays. Missing shoe string tackles and failing to wrap up on plays? It all comes back to the head coach Kyle Whittingham.

He has the final say in all plays and over the players. But can he salvage this season? Time will tell soon enough.