Marco Simoncelli Crash Video: Italian MotoGP Rider's Fatal Accident

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2011

Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli died Sunday of injuries sustained in the accident caught in the video. He was just 24 years old.

Simoncelli died of chest, head and neck injuries after he was struck by two other motorcycles in a turn during the Malaysian MotoGP motorcycle race.

While it's unclear what happened to cause the accident, Simoncelli was leaning hard on his bike, trying to pull it across the track is if he was having steering issues.

If that is the case, that would make the fact that he was almost lying on the ground during a smaller turn less odd.

With Simoncelli parallel to the ground because he was trying to muscle the bike through the turn, the next two racers that take the corner behind him essentially run him over.

This horrible news comes just days after the tragic death of Dan Wheldon last week and shortly before the NASCAR racers take to one of the most dangerous tracks of their entire season.

This accident is not all that different from Shoya Tomizawa’s fatal crash just over a year ago. The similarities are something the port needs to look into for further safety consideration.

While it’s obvious that there is no way to make this sport safe, it is MotoGP’s obligation to look into any method of improving safety they can fathom.

There has been so much tragedy in the racing world lately, but if you ask any one of those racers in any of the major brands across the world, they will tell you that it’s all part of the sport.