LSU Football or Alabama: Winner Should Play Boise State in BCS Championship

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LSU Football or Alabama: Winner Should Play Boise State in BCS Championship
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As I look at the college football scores from last week, I can't help noticing Oklahoma and Wisconsin both lost.

If Clemson goes undefeated, there will be a huge controversy as to who should play in the BCS Championship game and why.

Let us hope that Clemson gets a loss and clears this up once and for all.

Boise State has had an unbelievable record for years now and gets no due.

It is time to set the record straight.

If the SEC is stronger, and the Boise States of the world do not belong in the BCS Championship, it's time to lay your money down. Let Boise State play this year. Win or lose, at least it would end the speculation. If Clemson and Boise go undefeated, I will feel very sorry for one of these left out teams.

Does a one-loss SEC team deserve more than the undefeated ACC team or that wacky team in Idaho?

We could very well see LSU play Alabama again if computers or morons have their way.

Obviously, just a four-team playoff settles all doubt, but this will probably never happen in my lifetime.

The winner of Boise State and Clemson, if they had a secret game, would play the winner of Alabama/LSU for the title.

That's what should happen unless Oklahoma State manages to beat Oklahoma later this year.

Then Oklahoma State is in against LSU or Alabama for the championship.

Wait! There should be a game between Oklahoma State and Boise State, right?

What if Clemson wins out too?

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm going back to bed. The Super Bowl is easier to figure out.

NFL Mikee aka Thomas Moreland

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