Jeff Hardy's Attacker? Edge Knows Who It Is

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IDecember 8, 2008

We all know the story.  Jeff Hardy was attacked at his hotel hours before his scheduled triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. 

The match went on presumably as a one-on-one match between then champion Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov, until Vicki Guerrero shocked us all by introducing her returning "husband" Edge as Hardy's replacement. 

Edge went on to win the WWE Championship. 

A couple of weeks have passed since Survivor Series and we are still wondering who actually attacked Jeff Hardy.

Edge knows.

This past week on SmackDown, Vicki and Edge were having a "lovey dovey" moment in their locker room when Hardy came in. 

Hardy asked if Edge and Vicki wanted to see him.  Edge replied "yes" and wanted to clear things up with Hardy.  He makes it clear that it was not him that attacked Hardy before Survivor Series. 

Edge then goes on to say that the one person who had something to gain from Hardy being absent from the match was Triple H.

Before we can get an explanation from Edge as to why he feels this way, Triple H enters the locker room and a melee ensues between HHH and Hardy. 

Is Edge right?  Did Triple H have the most to gain?

You could say that the odds were against the "King of Kings" going against two opponents by himself.  So to make for better odds, he took out one of his opponents. 

It's a a possible scenario, but not likely.

What about Vladimir Kozlov?  He did get shafted by the fans at Cyber Sunday and was not voted into the title match against Triple H. Jeff Hardy got the nod instead.

Could Kozlov, out of anger, attacked Hardy to finally get his one-on-one opportunity at the title? 

Maybe...but I doubt it. 

What about the Big Show? 

We know he had his own problems with The Undertaker, but as far as we know he still has a "business arrangement" with Vicki Guerrero. 

Could he have possibly taken out Hardy with the promise of a title shot down the road? 

Edge, in my opinion, had the most to gain. 

Attack Hardy to get him out of the picture, wait until the end of the title match, where by this time Kozlov and Triple H have beaten the hell of each other, then win the WWE Title in shocking fashion.

The ultimate opportunist at his best. 

It will be revealed that Edge was Jeff Hardy's attacker.  Or was he?

Could Edge have had an accomplice? 

Someone who could have shown up in an "instant" to help orchestrate a "classic" beatdown? 

Or maybe it was a "Creepy Little Bastard" intent on screwing Hardy once again. 

The accomplice could be revealed as Christian Cage if he indeed makes his expected return to the WWE. 

It would be the perfect way to bring Cage back into the fold.  It would be the perfect way to reunite him with his storyline "brother" Edge.  Edge and Christian once again screw over the Hardy's (well in this case a Hardy). 

All these scenarios are possible but ultimately...Edge knows.