Pipebomb No.6: James Storm, TNA, and Vengeance; Oh My!

Kenny McKnightContributor IIIOctober 22, 2011

TNA has decided—well, Hulk Hogan has decided—that all the time and money spent to hype Bobby Roode as the next big thing in TNA was a waste. Now the TNA World Championship is property of Roode’s tag partner, James Storm. We’re also quickly approaching Vengeance, so sit back, relax, and prepare to read all about my opinions.

Let’s start out with TNA. Bobby Roode was built up for months as “The Man", but now the man wearing the TNA World Title is James Storm. I am torn about this decision. I feel bad for Bobby, but I am happy for James Storm. I’ve been a fan of Storm's since the early days of TNA. He has the charisma and skills to be champion, but the match itself did nothing to help him out and the lack of a build for the match really puts a sour note on top of this situation.

It’s come out that Hogan was pushing hard backstage for Kurt Angle to retain over Roode, even though Angle is working with an injury. TNA has tossed a lot of time and money into promoting Roode. I wonder why Hogan even allowed TNA to invest such money in Bobby if Hogan was going to just change his mind and push hard for him to lose to Angle.

It’s not like Kurt needed to win to build up his legacy. Why did TNA decide to give a good match on pay-per-view a bad ending, just to give the title to somebody else a few days later? This is poor booking any way you slice it. Now that I have finished my complaints about the title situation in TNA, let’s jump over to WWE.

Vengeance is finally returning, which leaves a lot of people hopeful that WWE will try to pull off something big for this event to make it memorable. Looking at the matches listed, I have to wonder how they can pull that off. Here we go!

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres

This should be a fairly interesting bout. Beth is a monster in the ring and Eve has actually been pretty impressive lately. I’m also glad to see a women's pay-per-view match without Kelly Kelly in it. This match is more of a progression of the feud with Kelly and Eve vs. Natalya and Beth, so I see Beth winning. Expect a “dusty finish” to take place here.

Ziggler and Swagger vs. Air Boom

I expect this to be a show stealer, if given proper time. Ziggler and Swagger are making for a decent tag team and Air Boom has really started firing as a pair. I am happy to see some emphasis on the Tag Team division, but until we see more strict tag teams emerge, we may be just hoping against hope. I am actually banking on Ziggler and Swagger to pull this one off, mostly to keep this feud going.

Sheamus vs. Christian

This is the most intriguing match on the card in my opinion. A few months back, Christian was still a fan favorite and Sheamus was a monster heel without direction. This match is really a platform to elevate Sheamus to the main event scene. Christian will have a strong showing here though, and I expect Captain Charisma to steal this one to keep this feud going a bit further.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

I’m actually happy with this match for the sole reason that Randy Orton is NOT in the championship match. WWE seems to have finally realized that Orton does not need the belt to keep his spot, and are now using him to (hopefully) elevate Cody. I’ll predict that Orton wins, but not cleanly. I expect Cody to get himself disqualified. DQ win for Orton.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder has gone from obscurity to a title match on a pay-per-view, and it is all because he was willing to promote himself when the company wouldn’t. Every wrestler who has been “future endeavored” by WWE needs to stop their complaining and take notes from Ziggler. They were released because WWE lost faith in them. They also had no faith in Ryder, but he shoved their lack of faith back in their faces. I am going to go with what I want here—Ryder will leave Vengeance as Champion, freeing up Ziggler and Swagger to join the tag division.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. Awesome Truth

CM Punk is the top merchandise seller in WWE now. Triple H is the most influential wrestler in the company. All signs would point to an easy win for them, but then again, the two do not like each other. Also, Nash has not shown his face in awhile. I think this match may very well headline this event, as this is the biggest angle WWE is running right now. Awesome Truth will pick up the win here, and I expect some sort of revelation to come out of this; though I'm not going to say what it is.

Mark Henry vs. The Big Show

Show has returned and has been thrust into a title match against the man who injured him, so we have the returning hero. I just don’t see Show being the man to take down Henry. The WWE put too much work into Henry for it to end this way. I actually would not be too surprised to see Henry carry the title until the Rumble or even Wrestlemania. Imagine if Daniel Bryan returned from obscurity to dethrone the most dominant champion in SmackDown history? Henry will retain. Expect another return or two as well here.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

John Cena is WWE’s golden boy (for now). He is also a man with a lousy track record in Last Man Standing matches. I expect that to come into play yet again here. Alberto Del Rio needs this win, otherwise he is going to be wallowing in mid-card hell. I expect this to somehow be tied into the Punk/HHH vs. Awesome Truth match. Del Rio retains the title in controversial fashion that hopefully pulls Cena away from the title scene until after Wrestlemania.

After looking over this event, I must say that WWE has potential to create some amazing angles. Let’s hope the fans aren’t already looking forward to Survivor Series, because attention needs to be given to this event in order for it to be a success. This could be the next big left turn towards greener pastures in WWE.