The Stage Is Set...So Why Are We Still Angry About It?

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IDecember 8, 2008

So last weekend, we had at least one decent game out of many. The Legend known as Lisa Horne finished with a 3-2 record, as did her opponent, The Icon, myself. The sad part about this is that no one was happy about the situation. We knew that the winner of the SEC Championship would be heading to Miami for the BCS Championship Game.

What we didn't know was that several teams would have a natural gripe with the outcome of the BCS Selection Show. But here's what is known: 90% of America is pissed off at the BCS at this very hour, almost 24 hours removed from Selection Sunday.

Why? Because the BCS has screwed up the last two weeks...and they know it.

So how did they try to make up for it? They put the two hottest teams in the country against each other in the biggest game of the year. Good idea, yes, but it was a bad choice two weeks ago. Because of Tech's mediocre performance in Norman, the Sooners jumped the Longhorns, even though Texas came back to stun the Oklahoma in Dallas before the Lobster in Lubbock.

So, Texas should have been playing in the Big XII Championship, right? In my eyes, absolutely. The Sooners only earned this by running up the score, plain and simple. It's good to see the offense putting up video game-like numbers, but was that truly the reason for Bob Stoops' program jumping the team that beat them on a neutral site?

But Texas isn't the only one who deserves to raise a little hell and egg the HQ of the BCS.

Boise State has a natural gripe as well. What did Utah do so differently that the Broncos didn't do? Is it because of the conference they're in? Or is it because the BCS has a severe hard on for Ohio State? Here's a question BCS: Did you not remember what happened to Ohio State the last two seasons at the end of the BCS?

Here's a reminder: Two SEC Teams went into the Championship Game and decimated, destroyed, humiliated and flat out outplayed the "almighty" Buckeyes.

So instead of doing the right thing two weeks ago, you had to make up for it by putting the two conference champions in the Super Bowl of College Football. The problem: You gave Mack Brown's Horns the shaft because they didn't beat Texas Tech? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You're basing your decision off of what in regards to what happened the last month of the season?

If that's the case, you just proved a majority of America right.

But I'm happy about one half of the BCS Championship. They did the right thing by placing Florida in the NC Game. Florida defeated the then-#1 team in the country, and we knew what would come next. But there were those who felt that a rematch between either Texas and Oklahoma or Alabama and Florida would happen.

But the BCS threw all of us a curveball in the end. So why is everyone still fuming?

Texas and Boise State didn't get what they wanted. Just two years after the shocker in the Fiesta Bowl, the Broncos did not get the nod this year, despite finishing undefeated and winning the WAC Conference. Instead, Utah got the nod despite being in the Mountain West Conference and finishing undefeated and winning the conference over BYU and TCU.

And Texas? Well, they should feel the shaft for about a few weeks, go out and join the ranks of Florida and LSU, and embarrass the Buckeyes so that next season, we never have to see Ohio State again. But in all honesty, we have seen BCS Co-National Champions before. Could we see it again in the beginning of 2009?

In any event, I sympathize with Alabama and Texas (but more for Texas) mainly because it came down to the wire for one and not the other. The Horns wanted a chance to prove themselves, and the BCS screwed them out of it. Regardless of what Sooners fans think, they know they got away with one. However, they should remember that they're 0-3 in big game situations (i.e. the BCS).

So I wouldn't get too bold and focus on what matters. This has been a year of firsts...and Oklahoma looks to add their names to the list of firsts that continues to grow.

So Texas and Boise State should feel shafted...because if they actually had a chance to face Utah and Oklahoma, the outcome could be different in one case...but the questions would surely be answered.