Bowl Championship Series: Why the BCS Survives 2011 and Beyond

Thomas MorelandSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2011

BCS Flawed or Gold?
BCS Flawed or Gold?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Another season of playoff system moans and groans in college football.

It starts up soon after Wisconsin beats Michigan St. today, if that even happens. I got State to shock the Badgers anyway.

LSU and Alabama are the two best teams, with Oklahoma waiting for the winner of that game.

The SEC Teams are favored almost every time in out of conference match-ups with other schools.

That's because they are better. We all see that. The programs are geared for the pro game to follow, in training for the NFL, so to speak.

Other schools get their share of the top athletes, but face it, in this day and age publicity, money and fame are at the top of every good college athletes wish list for the future in football.

But away from my point already, let me just say Boise State, Wisconsin, or Clemson just don't play the schedules necessary to break into the top three in college rankings.

Some in the Pac-12 may argue Stanford, with an undefeated record, would deserve a shot at the national title. The competition week to week does not stand up on it's own.

Have a quality football team you're going against 10 out of 12 games before griping about how messed up the system is.

Alabama in High Gear versus L.S.U. coming soon!
Alabama in High Gear versus L.S.U. coming soon!Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

Every season, with the exception of a few, the BCS has the two best teams playing or affected by the one versus two game.

Oklahoma will play the winner of LSU/Alabama game this season for the BCS Trophy.

You may set that in stone, bet your house, and sell your sister-in-law's dresser.

Big Game Bob loses another one to the S.E.C. come Jan. 2012.

I like the BCS.