Bowling Green Video: Watch Falcons' Stroh Center Rap Video

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Bowling Green State University sophomore Mikey "Rosco" Blair and senior gospel singer Rachel Willingham created an awesome rap and video to celebrate the university's new arena and convocation center, named the Stroh Center.

The video is very well done and has a great beat to go with the well-written lyrics. At the time of publication, the video currently had over 30,000 views on YouTube. 

The production, performed by Madhouse Productions, is brilliantly done.

Blair was was very grateful to perform in the video for his school.

"I was excited, because I love this school," Blair said. "I am so blessed that I was chosen to do this. I take any opportunity I can to help the university."

The opening of the Stroh Center is an exciting event for the school this year, who wanted to commemorate the occasion is a special way.

"We wanted to create something memorable for the Stroh Center," said Dave Kielmeyer, Bowling Green University spokesperson.

Is there a better way to open up a brand new arena and promote several of your school's athletic teams than creating an awesome rap video?

The video also adds an interesting touch by including several donors who helped make the Stroh Center possible included in the video.

"We wanted to recognize the donors," Kielmeyer said. "I have to admit, I held my breath when they watched it for the first time. Thankfully, they liked it a lot. We were lucky they were so down-to-earth."

Blair certainly is a talented rapper and has a bright future ahead of him. 

Bowling Green may not be a popular school in terms of athletics, but this will certainly create a nice buzz for their mens' and womens' programs as the college basketball season approaches.

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