WWE Vengeance: Top 5 Possible Reasons That WWE Has Dolph Ziggler Wrestling Twice

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 22, 2011

WWE Vengeance: Top 5 Possible Reasons That WWE Has Dolph Ziggler Wrestling Twice

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    On Sunday, there are some big matches.

    We will see guys like Big Show, John Cena and CM Punk attempt to get their vengeance on the heels.

    However, one of the biggest stories of the night is that Dolph Ziggler is in for a long pay per view. Ziggler has been a rising star for months, perhaps years. Now he has the most difficult role of the night as he must wrestle two matches in the same night.

    Sure, Ziggler has done it before on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, but those matches were on TV and meant to tell one complete story. This is two PPV title matches with different stories approaching each match. If both matches are given decent time to shine, Ziggler could easily work the longest night of anyone at the PPV.

    Why does Ziggler have to work at such a high level on Sunday?

    Here are the top five possible reasons that Ziggler will be wrestling multiple times on Sunday.

5. Making a Heel Look Bad

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    Let's face it: WWE loves happy endings.

    It is always important that the good guys eventually beat the nasty bad guys.

    Dolph Ziggler lately has been getting under the skin of a variety of faces in Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Zack Ryder along with helping the heel rebellion against WWE.

    With Beth Phoenix, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio and even possibly Cody Rhodes looking like favorites on Sunday, almost every major match on the card seems to be leaning in favor of the heels. Even R-Truth and The Miz look like likely winners on Sunday.

    For a night named Vengeance, there does not seem to be many chances for the stars to get their vengeance at the PPV.

    Perhaps Ziggler is booked twice so that he can lose twice and balance out the face-heel ratio of wins though this is unlikely.

4. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

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    As stated before, Ziggler has been getting into many feuds at once.

    He has fought with Zack Ryder and Mason Ryan which seemed to be leading toward the US Title while also keeping Swagger relevant by tagging with him against the tag team champions.

    The WWE has a lot to cover on the PPV, and perhaps they decided it was time these champions defend their titles.

    This way, the WWE could show off a load of talent on the PPV.

    The only reason this cannot be the sole reason is because the angle leans toward Ziggler's exposure too much to just be about getting more guys on the card.

3. Become a Tag Champion as Dolph Ziggler

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    Air Boom has been a great team for the tag division. They have given us awesome matches and really made tag matches important for the first time in months. Having them lose the titles on Raw seems a bit weak for such an important team.

    At the same time, Ziggler had to face Ryder sooner or later at a PPV, so that match should have been set to happen almost before thoughts of Ziggler and Swagger as tag team champions came up at all.

    So both matches happen at the pay-per-view in order to give Ziggler his first tag team title reign.

    Sure, Nick Nemeth as Nicky won the tag titles, but it is time to see Ziggler hold those titles with only one partner in a real tag team.

    The Spirit Squad was good at their gimmick, but they were always ridiculous. Also, their tag title reign was not exactly the most prestigious of reigns as they fought as a five man group with two titles which gave none of the five a real spotlight.

    It is time for Ziggler to become a Triple Crown winner just like Nick Nemeth.

2. Give Zack Ryder the US Title without Making Ziggler Look Weak

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    This is a possible set up as Ziggler is stepping closer to the main event.

    They did not want to make it look as though he could not beat Zack Ryder one on one.

    Instead, they pass the title off to Ryder giving him his first real singles title while also keeping Ziggler as a dominant force in WWE especially if he wins the tag titles on the same night.

    This is an obvious and likely scenario, but there might be even more to this build up.

1. WWE Championship in His Future

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    This seems the most likely point in WWE's mind.

    Ziggler has been on fire lately. His promo in Mexico on Monday was his best to date and felt like a promo from a real star. Backstage, he is gaining huge popularity with the higher ups and Vince McMahon.

    Ziggler is becoming one of most well rounded stars in the company. There is really nothing stopping Ziggler from making that final leap except the right push.

    Since Cena and Punk are occupied, WWE has come up with an ingenious way of making him popular quickly. They have given him the chance to show off what he does best: work.

    It doesn't matter if Ziggler ends the night with one championship or two. As long as he has gold at the end of the night, he will certainly be on his way to the main event.

    Don't be surprised if Dolph Ziggler is again fighting for a World Title by the time the Royal Rumble comes around this year.

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