Formula 1 In Panic But Do They Miss Something ?

Mustafa SariContributor IDecember 8, 2008

Honda Racing F1 team left the F1 last week.We know how the public reacts after the pull out. Also FIA's rubbish engine tender won by Cosworth and FIA gives two choice to FOTA about 2010 Engine Rules.

But I want to look the change of F1 in the eyes of Fans and My question is: Did F1 learned lessons about its future ?

Every F1 fan want to attend a race and In a race weekend if you don't have a paddock club pass, you have only one chance to see the drivers and cars also for mechanics too.

So now Bernie and Max saw Honda left F1 because of Global Crisis and the balance of money against success made the exit of Honda. Sometimes even Fans expect Honda to leave F1 but FOM and F1 Media is far from this so this is an interesting thing to live with.

I think F1's only problem is not the costs also The teams are far from their fans even Ferrari or Renault. I think F1 must change it's attitude to Fans.After TV adverts become more important than sportsmanship in any kind of Sports.The answer is in front of us.

F1 still don't know how to use it's media power to the public.In F1 Racing Magazine GP editor Peter Windsor mentioned these many times. F1 is a good PR work for manufacturers but they must remember the fans too.If any of us bored to watch the same type of story in F1 than what we have to wish for ?

Do we have to say that remember us Bernie and Max ?

In other Motorsport series you can see drivers and get near race cars.I want to congratulate Renault,Ferrari and BMW to their attempts bring F1 to Fans. The Roadshows of Renault and BMW give a lot to Fans also Ferrari World Finals are good examples.

But F1 must bring new solutions to the audience at circuits because any of us want to see and talk with Kimi, Lewis, or Felipe in race weekend and F1 have a lot of sources to do this little activity just for an hour but they don't want to do.

In Conclusion, F1 got the first punch from Crisis and they already reacted against it. Sometimes answers are not far from us. Cutting the costs and changing rules still didn't stop what F1 lived and maybe worse or better but they must remember The FANS on TV or at CIRCUITS. Watching a race,buy merchandises etc.and never discover more deeply or never see the drivers you like is very Ironic for us.F1 must prove what will they develop for the show.

So F1 must change for audience with more technology etc. but talking with star drivers shouldn't be a dream for us. If NASCAR or other series can organise that Why wouldn't we can see the same in F1 ?