Winter Meetings Update 12-8-08

Tomer TalmyCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

The Winter Meeting officially started today and several small deals went down, while others, seem to be in the working.

Earlier today, The Tigers sealed a deal with the Rangers, landing them catcher Gerald Laird of the Rangers in exchange for two minor league pitchers. The Tigers were in need of a catcher after losing Ivan Rodriguez to the Yankees in a trade deadline deal.

Laird has been a consistent force for the Rangers behind the plate, although he has been nagged by injuries over the past few seasons.

The Tigers also signed Adam Everett to sure up their hole at shortstop with the departure of Edgar Renteria.

Some big name free agents also met with general managers today and there are many rumors all around baseball about big deals in the making.

The Yankees met with CC Sabathia and his agent today to discuss the current situation and according to a source close to the situation, the meeting went "great." The Mets were also in business today offering closer Francisco Rodriguez a three-year contract but, unfortunately for the Mets, it does not seem to be long enough, even with this slow moving market.

Although, none of the big free agents seem to be ready to sign at this point, many trades could go down during the Winter Meetings.

Jake Peavy is not interested in coming to the American League, but we could see him land with a National League team, like the Braves if they strike out on A.J Burnett. Other possibilities include J.J Putz and Zack Grienke, both coming off good seasons.

On the other hand, Dodgers manager Ned Colleti said that he has not had any talks with the Yankees about Robinson Cano. While Cano is certainly not at the peak of his value at this point, the Yankees could deal him and pursue a second baseman like Orlando Hudson, while acquiring a young outfielder like Matt Kemp from the Dodgers.

Although, this free agent market has been fairly slow moving thus far, it seems likely that we will see many deals go down at the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.