The Young and the Restless: Chicago Bears Finally Win Right

Joe WillettSenior Writer IDecember 8, 2008

The Chicago Bears were able to break out of their 1-3 run over the past month by feasting on the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars, winning the game 23-10.

I was able to attend the game yesterday and that was able to give me a good view of everything going on, not just what CBS' cameras decided to pick up.

Greg Olsen was big catching the questionable touchdown that put the Bears up 20-3 at halftime, capping a 59 second drive that spanned over 70 yards, a beautiful way to go into halftime.

The Windy City Flyer was also a highlight for the Bears, catching five balls for 80 yards including a big 31 yard catch that helped set up a Bears score.

But the way the game started was the main highlight of the game.  On David Garrard's first pass attempt, he was intercepted and Daniel Manning was able to take the ball back to the five yard-line.

The play was originally called a touchback, but after review, the ref realized he was just confusing a Jaguars lineman for the football.  We've all made that mistake before.

Kyle Orton avoided a column entitled "Kyle Grossman" with his stellar performance, tossing two touchdowns and only throwing one interception.

The best part of the game was the secondary.  Despite Charles Tillman officially becoming my most hated player on the Bears, the rest of the secondary was able to stay strong and keep Garrard on his heels, allowing under 200 yards.

The run defense was average, allowing both Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor to surpass 50 yards with each averaging over four yards a carry.

My pet peeve throughout the game was the inability to make a tackle on the first hit.  Multiple time MJD would become a pinball going through the Bears defense.  Granted they usually stopped him shortly after, but they could have knocked a good 15 yards off his run yards for the game if they had been able to put him on the ground early.

The offensive line was another concern, as Orton continually felt pressure in the second half and Matt Forte was given few holes to run through.  The stud for the Jaguars D-line was Paul Spicer, whose name was constantly said through the loudspeaker when he was making hits on either Orton or Forte.

All-in-all I am pleased with the effort that the Bears gave, and although it came from against a 4-9 team that has basically lost hope on the season (you know it's true Jaguars fans), we can build on this win.

Besides, we do get to feast on the Saints (7-6), Packers (5-8), and Texans (6-7).  Looks like an easy road to the playoffs to me.  Now we just need to get these Williams' suspensions going.

I'm Joe W.

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