Dan Marino, Sr. Passes Away: A Death in the Family

The PhinisherCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Dan Marino, Sr. died of cancer on Dec. 7. The man, from whose loins the greatest quarterback in NFL history sprung, was 71 years old.


"The greatest coach I ever had."

Those are perhaps the most important words a father can hear from his son—not in the football sense, but in the broader context of having set an example that is esteemed and appreciated.

Dan Marino, Sr. is often credited for his son's fiery playing style and incredible work ethic. He is also often cited for developing No. 13's quick release, which is the fastest timed release in the history of the NFL.

It is nice to think about this current Dolphins team going up to Toronto and completing a sweep of the Bills. I'm sure that in the midst of grief No. 13 could still muster a competitor's smile at watching his greatest opponent lose at the hands of his Miami Dolphins.

One can only imagine how many of those late-season contests in Buffalo would have gone Marino's way if they were held in a dome. Really, that has to be pretty rotten for Bills fans.

Dan Marino, Jr. quotes his father in his autobiography. It's a variation of the biblical cliché of reaping what you sow. For someone who worked as hard as No. 13, such a piece of fatherly wisdom surely held a lot of meaning.

"You don't deserve anything in life. You work for what you deserve."

Our condolences are with you, who put in more work than you were ever recompensed for.