Lakers Stay Atop Western Conference

David RobinsonContributor IDecember 8, 2008

Is it too late to apologize? I guess if you asked OneRepublic it would be. I'm glad they're not my fans. I've been caught up in some work lately and I haven't had time to write anything. Editing people's articles can become very tedious.

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Three down; the rest of the world to go.


Triple-Threat: Dribble

Random Fact of the Day: The Lakers have as many losses as the Thunder have wins.

Over the weekend, the Lakers managed to stay on top of the Western Conference by bullying the Bucks for a win. After Friday night's scare in Washington where they almost blew a 20-point lead, the Lakers blew a collective sigh of relief.

So after beating Washington and Milwaukee, I began to wonder: Are the Lakers the ringleaders of the NBA?

Rapper T-Pain, who is known for producing such hits as "Low" and "Buy You a Drink," refers to himself as the "ringleader of the rap game." T-Pain seemingly produces chart-topping hits effortlessly, similar to the way LA has won their games.

The Lakers always have a strong first quarter, and then the second unit comes out and runs up the score even more. Then usually Kobe Bryant comes out and finishes the game early in the fourth, leaving players like Trevor Ariza and Jordan Farmar to demolish whatever is left. 

However, lately this hasn't been the case.

Just as in the case of rap, no matter how good you are, there's always one song that stinks. The Lakers had a stinker when they lost at the buzzer to Indiana last week. No one really pointed it out, but it was Derek Fisher who lost sight of Marquis Daniels who set up Troy Murphy's game-winning tip-in.

LA seemed to learn their lesson after that loss. Well, at least Bryant did. He came out and  crushed the 76ers the next night. Bryant had 32 points along with a myriad of playground moves to keep the fans chanting "M-V-P!"

However, the Lakers fell right back to folly when they faced Washington last Friday. Luckily, they were able to hang on and win. Then of course they beat the Bucks, which places them at 17-2 and equals their best 19-game start in the 61 years of the franchise.

The Lakers will play Sacramento twice, Phoenix, Minnesota, and New York for their next five games. These teams don't seem like a threat, so the Lakers may revert to their circus antics for the crowd. I hope they remember the old adage: It's all fun and games, until you lose.

(Well, that's not how the saying goes, but you get the drift.)

I'm out.