Impact Wrestling: How Storm's Championship Tops off TNA's Best Week Ever!

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2011

I'm not sure how many people saw it coming. I personally saw AJ Styles or, more probably, Bobby Roode to be the best guy to lead into the new stretch.

But the James Storm move was a continuation of a series of steps in the right direction for TNA to go.

First of all, I have been advocating for a few months for TNA to go with originals. Originals are the best way to sell seats and bring crowds to the Impact Zone.

Now having said that, no wrestling company can go wrong with Kurt Angle as champion. He has a strong case to be the best wrestler in the world today like he says he is. But fact remains he is NOT original.

Impact drew Bigger POPS tonight than they have in a very long time as fans sent a message to NEW main man of day-to-day operations Sting, and President Dixie Carter. If you want to continue growing your company, go with originals. 

Tonight's Impact was off the heels of a tremendous Bound For Glory PPV. They did literally everything right except the world championship. Velvet was awesome to give the Knockouts championship to.

Factor in another great move tonight with the return of Gail Kim—an excellent women's competitor and piece to a puzzle. 

Moving forward, Sting and Dixie have one thing left to do: Continue the originals push. The face of it must be the four guys who blew the roof off tonight—Fortune 4.

A lot of people now expect a turn from one of them, mainly Roode, but I don't see it happening very soon.

Maybe a surprise is coming, but it seems more likely to be the entry of one among the three from the Crimson/Morgan/Joe bout from BFG into the main event. Another tremendous move. 

The best thing in Impact from this week is Eric Bischoff's loss of stroke. Without it he is an absolute joke and cannot do anything for Immortal now. That is "can't miss action" now, because Impact will break from their recent murderous patterns of screw jobs and beatdowns.

Another great time was when Sting jumped in and spoiled Immortal's little stalk on Hogan. Don't expect much more of that with Sting running things.