Toronto Game Proves Buffalo Bills Fans Deserve Better

Garrett HirschmanContributor IDecember 8, 2008

Buffalo Bills fans are some of the best in football. If nothing else, Sunday's game against Miami proved that.

Is the type of atmosphere that was in Toronto yesterday really what the NFL is looking for?

Was yesterday an example of the glorious life of a large-market team?

If that's what the NFL wants then they can football and the Bills, because I am done with both!

Yesterday was the epitome of the decade for Buffalo Bills fans: A heartless effort from top to bottom.

Ralph Wilson: I think it's time you give this team up. You obviously don't care about winning football games. That's apparent from you reaction to Buffalo New's columnist Jerry Sullivan's question of, "Are you embarrassed [about the way the Bills played against Miami?]" Ralph looked at Jerry, laughed and said, "I'm used to it."


Is that the owner we have? He's used to it? Does he know that he owns the team and actually has some say in what happens with the team?

Unacceptable Ralph.

I used to dislike Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder. They were the "enemy" so to speak. They wanted to do away with the Buffalo Bills teams of the world. But right now I would trade Ralph in a heart beat for the winning desire of those two owners.

Russ Brandon: You will be judged by your actions this off-season.

Dick Jauron and the coaching staff: You are dead men walking.

The fans of this community are more passionate and resilient than any in football and they deserve more from the team that they invest so much in. Despite not making the playoffs or being competitive for close to ten years, Bills fans showed up in historic numbers to buy season tickets this year.

How do the Bills thank them?

By playing heartless football against a bitter rival.

Shame on you Buffalo Bills.

Yesterday the Bills got the alternative to life in Buffalo. The fans in the Rogers Center were as heartless as the team they were watching.

Did the Dolphins ever look like they doubted the outcome of the game yesterday?

They simply waited for the Bills to roll over and play dead and then they won the game, headed out of the cozy, seventy-two degree dome and jumped on a plane without ever breaking a sweat.

Jason Peter's has taken a lot of flak this season for his holdout, but from what I see he has been the Bills' player with the most heart over the last four weeks. Props to you Jason.

Is there any reason to believe things are going change with this football team in the near future?

I watched the UB Bulls win the MAC Championship on Friday night and it was great because it was a look at a real team. A team with heart. Head coach Turner Gill has more heart than the whole Bills organization combined. He coaches football the way it is supposed to be coached. With passion.

I cannot wait for the off-season.