Is Your Love of Sports Out of Control?

aSenior Analyst IDecember 8, 2008

Ever since elementary school, I have been fascinated with sports.

Football, basketball, soccer, baseball; You name it and I played it. While other children were watching Nickelodeon, I was learning about the Buccaneers' nickel defense. In middle school, it wasn't the fall dance that I was excited for, but rather the Big Dance in March.

Even today, sometimes it feels like my life is revolving around sports. Buying lottery tickets? No thanks. Analyzing the NBA Draft Lottery? Now that's the ticket.

But how much is too much? Is there a line to be crossed? Recently, I discovered several situations that suggest the breaking point might be near.

Without further ado, your love for sports may be out of control if...

You see a clock and immediately two jersey numbers pop into your head. 3:28? Dwyane Wade and Adrian Peterson. 4:13? Brett Favre and Alex Rodriguez.

You watch SportsCenter for several hours straight, despite the fact that it's on a loop and you've been watching the same highlights over and over again.

You know the third-string shooting guards of more than half of the teams in the NBA.

You can name last year's Mr. Irrelevant—he has that nickname for a reason!

You know Smush Parker's stats from 2005, when he started for the Lakers (yeah, they were that bad).

You eat “Wheaties.” You know where certain food scents are found in your team's stadium. You sleep in sports pajamas. Individually, these aren't too bad. But doing all three? You now literally eat, breathe, and sleep sports.

You have a logo or helmet of your favorite team tattooed somewhere on your body (and are praying they don't change their color scheme).

It's noon on a Sunday and, oh no! You forgot to set your fantasy football team in your family league! Oh, and your other team in that league with your friends. Oh, and your other team in that keeper league. And your team in the public league that you signed up for. And those are just your Yahoo teams. Now it's time to head over to!

You not only have Reggie Wayne and Dustin Pedroia's numbers memorized, you know the stupid statistics they keep on ESPN’s Around the Horn. If you know Jay Mariotti's record on the show, you really need to sort your priorities out.

You can name more than one long snapper off the top of your head.

If your team loses on Sunday, you enter a state of depression and snap at people for the rest of the week.

You use sports to make huge decisions. For example, "I'm voting for Barack Obama because he plays basketball!" or "If I make this shot, I'll drop out of college and become an inventor!" Stars and astrology work for some but whether or not the Dallas Stars and Houston Astros win should not affect your career moves or love life.

You have begged your pregnant wife to please, please, please let you name your baby after your favorite player. When denied, you focus your energy on getting to select the baby's middle names which, if it's up to you, will be Air Jordan.

You actually watch ESPN Classic.

You not only hate a rival sports team but anyone and everyone from that team's region.

Your name is Trevor Wikre.

You don't buy products or services unless your favorite player or team endorses them.

And lastly…

You would do someone else's job for free, writing articles for a sports website, not for a paycheck but because of your love for the game.

If you find yourself doing several of things from this list, try taking a break from sports for a while. Even though you probably love sports more than your family and friends, they miss you so check in with them.

And no, posting a message on your family's fantasy league home page does not count.