What Will Really Happen In The Major BCS Bowl Games!

Thomas MorelandSenior Writer IDecember 8, 2008

These are your big games coming soon to a theatre near you!

Florida gets it done against Oklahoma by six to eight points. I am expecting a close game because of the offensive prowess of Sam Bradford and his explosiveness in the passing and running game.

Passing will be key, as Florida will quell the running attack, as they finally did against Alabama. This will lead to pressure on Bradford to make big throws, and could result in one or two interceptions by the Florida defense.  Florida 45 Oklahoma 38, final prediction.

Alabama will play Utah. This game is interesting, yet easy to call. Alabama will beat Utah for the simple reason they face much tougher teams throughout the season, came out 11-1, and almost beat Florida. USC would beat both of these teams.

Speaking of USC , I predict a runaway win over Penn State in the Rose Bowl. Penn State has not faced a defense like this, nor can it keep up with the offensive juggernaut of the Trojans. Look for the white horse to gallop up and down the sideline a bit, as the band plays Fight On.  I'll take USC.

Texas meets Ohio State in an exciting contest. Texas has the chance to prove they should be in the BCS Championship Game by coming out and clobbering Ohio State. Texas will do just that! Expect Texas to score in the 40s for a win!

In a  game that not too many will watch, Virginia Tech will play a close one and beat Cincinnati.  I was impressed with Virginia Tech's domination over Boston College, even though it was against a freshman backup quarterback.

Those are your big games this  bowl season.

Final standings:

Florida at No. 1

Texas at No. 2

USC at No. 3

Oklahoma at No. 4

Alabama at No. 5

Good luck to all your teams and Happy Holidays.

Thomas [NFL Mikee] Moreland