The Ultimate Football Quiz: Week 1

GuidoAnalyst IDecember 8, 2008

Everyone loves a good quiz, so why not the good people of Bleacher Report? Here's my attempt at a semi-weekly quiz on World Football.

First of all, the rules. These are bit weird compared to conventional quizzes, so they may take some explaining.

The quiz consists of fifteen questions, divided into three categories, these being Easy, Normal, Difficult. Each category holds five questions. No problems so far? Good.

You don't have to answer all fifteen questions in this quiz. You must however answer at least one question from every category if you want your (semi-)weekly entry to count. Again, no problems? You answer at least three questions, one from every category minimal. You may answer as many as you like though.

The score-line is a good one too. For every question you answer correctly, you will receive points. For every answer you get wrong, points will be deducted. You will be awarded or deducted points depending on the category the question was in.

Easy questions will gain you one point when answered correctly and will cost you one point when answered wrong. Normal questions are good for three points both ways, whereas difficult questions are worth five points. Any questions so far?

Good, let's move on to answering the questions. Initially, I figured it'd be a good idea when you e-mailed me your answers. I quickly realised that besides answers, I'd also be getting a lot of spam because my e-mail address would be clear to see for all.

Instead, I opted for the simplest solution. Simply post your answers in a reply below the article. I will trust everyone not to look at the others answers, as there is no easier way of getting these answers. Should anyone know a better way to do this, feel free to suggest this...

Now for the questions:



1. Dutch FC Twente were allowed a spot in the Champions League qualifying rounds this season. The Dutch side didn't make it into the group-stage. Which team defeated Twente?

2. Slobodan Rajković has been on loan to both PSV and Twente. Which team loaned him to both Dutch sides?

3. Which team has won a record of ten titles in the French Ligue 1?

4. During Euro 2008, a Romanian forward missed a penalty in the match between Romania and Italy. What is his name?

5. Which Macedonian striker has been linked to several Premiership-sides, and has been setting the Serie A ablaze for the past few seasons?



6. The abbreviation BSC in the name Hertha BSC stands for Berliner Sport Club. Only one of the eighteen Bundesliga clubs has no direct reference to the city of origin in it's name. Which club is this?

7. Manchester United bought Nemanja Vidić in 2005. From which side was the Serbian defender purchased?

8. During which World Cup (a year will suffice) was the three-points-for-a-win-rule introduced?

9. The Cameroon national side introduced a new, sleeveless shirt a few years ago. They were not allowed to wear it. Which famous brand designed and manufactured this shirt?

10. Which midfielder received a red card during his nations first match during the 2008 Summer Olympics and was subsequently also sent off during his league debut for his new club-side at the start of the 2008-2009 season?



11. Which player lost two Europacup I-finals with two different clubs during the sixties?

12. Who was the last non-Italian player to become the Serie A's leading goal-scorer?

13. Daniel Güiza won the Trofeo Pichichi for leading goal-scorer in the Spanish Primera Division in 2008, scoring 27 goals. It was the first time in many years a Spaniard won this trophy. Who was the last Spaniard before Güiza to win the Trofeo Pichichi (a name will suffice, the amount of goals is not necessary)?

14. Udinese had two players who became the leading goal-scorer of the Serie A in one season. One of them was Oliver Bierhoff. Who was the other?

15. Tenerife had one player to ever win the Trofeo Pichichi. Who was this player?


Once again, you have to answer at least one question from each category. The answers can be posted as a reply to this article. The answers will be posted next Sunday, new questions and standings shall follow next Monday.

Good luck!