Atlanta Falcons Players and Coaches Finally Ready to Win After Shaky Start

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIOctober 20, 2011

Corey Peters a Rising Star
Corey Peters a Rising StarScott Cunningham/Getty Images

Six games into the regular season and the Atlanta Falcon's appear ready to roll. 

For a team with such high expectations, the Falcon's looked rusty from the coaches to the players down to the water boy. However, the team now appears poised to begin the methodical climb to the playoffs.

The Offensive Line has been able to improve enough to give Matt Ryan a chance to make plays. Of course Ryan's decision making has really advanced after being criticised. In fact the entire team has improved from the criticism that came their way.

It is ok that they would NEVER admit as much as long as the resulting win is achieved. There are plenty of people that want to think their efforts are the only reason for turning the team around. Who cares who gets the credit as long as Atlanta keeps winning.

Michael Turner's yards after contact were way up after the Carolina game. He is the Falcon's bread and butter, not the wide receiver's. It would be fun to see a little more of Jaquizz Rogers, if only to see how badly he makes opponents miss.

The defense was allowed to "cut loose" on third down's and the risk payed off. The "prevent" part of the playbook should be thrown away. Someone must have gotten through to Brian VanGorder. 

It must be noted that two players have emerged as stars and their play has exceeded even the grand expectations of the preseason. Sean Weatherspoon has turned into a tackling machine. The day's of pushing Matt Forte hoping he will fall down are long gone. In addition, he can close as fast as any linebacker in the game.

Corey Peters is a rock star. 300 plus pounds and nimble. Wow, who saw that coming? This guy is a force major and fun to watch.

Finally, and most importantly, the players are bursting with confidence. They can win and they know it.  This will show in effort and preparation. Stars will continue to emerge and the wins will start to pile up.  The Atlanta Falcon's can win "any given Sunday" no matter who the opponent is.