SEC Is 6-9 Against BCS Conferences, Allowing 32 Points Per Game In Losses

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

The SEC Defenses have not performed nearly as well when they have stepped out of conference to play other BCS conferences.

After week 14, when it seemed that the ACC dominated the SEC with three big wins, I started wondering what is the SECs record against the BCS, anyway?

Like most people, I had accepted that the SEC is the home of defense and that they must have a winning record against the other major conferences. After reading an article about which is more inept the big 12 defenses or the SEC offenses, I decided to do the research on the SECs record against the six BCS conferences to see if their defences performed just as well against the other major conferences. 

I will start with a breakdown by conference, The ACC is first since they have the  most win against the SEC. 

ACC has 6-4 against the SEC

Their six wins are:

Georgia Tech 45, Georgia 42

Clemson 31, South Carolina 14

Duke 10, Vandy 7

Wake Forest 23, Vandy 10

Wake Forest 30, Mississippi 28

Georgia Tech 38, Mississippi State 7

The SEC allowed 177 points, 29.5 per game, in these six loses. They scored 108 points, 18 per game, making the average margin of victory 11.5. If you add the four wins the points drop to 20.3 points per game for the ACC and 24.7 for the SEC so that is impressive but the ACC still holds a 6-4 record against The ACC.

Their four loses against the SEC are

Florida 26, Miami 3

Florida 45, Florida St. 15

South Carolina 34, NC State 0. 

Alabama 34, Clemson 10.

No other BCS conference has more than two games against the SEC. The Big 10 had none and the big 12 had one game which was a 52-10 win by Texas over Arkansas so no need to do averages there.

So the last two conferences are the Pac 10 and the Big East that went 1-1 against both conferences meaning head to head the SEC has a losing record against two of the BCS conferences, tied another two and did not play the other, so a 0-2-2 record.

I know that the ACC is really the only conference who has enough games to claim any kind of bragging rights.  The Big 12 only had one game and it was a good team against a bad team but 0-2-2 is the actual record no matter what the reasons.

Against the Pac 10, The two games are:

UCLA 27, Tennessee 24

Georgia 27, Arizona State 10

And the Big East games are:

Kentucky 27, Louisville 2

West Virginia 34, Auburn 17

If you look at all 9 loses, the SEC gave up 290 points, 32.2 per game and scored 159, 17.6 points a game, a 14.7 margin of victory. If you look at the all 15 games against BCS conferences The SEC outscored all BCS opponents 354-330, against BCS conferences in total they have allowed 22 points per game. The 6-9 record against the BCS conferences means the SEC has been beat handily 60 percent of the time when they have stepped out of conference. 

While some may argue that most of these are lower tier teams some of them are second and third place teams in their divisions and it does not bode well for the SEC fans claim that it is the toughest conference top to bottom.

The scoring defense numbers show that when they have stepped out of conference this year their defense has not been near as good. The Media has missed the boat by not pointing out these numbers or doing the research and just assuming the SEC defenses have dominated everyone.