College Football: The 11 Best 11s—Florida Is Regular Season National Champion

BabyTateSenior Writer IDecember 7, 2008

The regular season has ended, and the SEC, as usual, rules supreme—this time with a 1–2 punch of Florida and Alabama.

While Oklahoma was busy running the score up on hapless Missouri in the Arena 12 Title game, the real men were playing in the SEC championship settling who is the true No. 1 team in the country.

While both the Tide and the Gators can lay claim to the regular season national championship with 12–1 records, the edge goes to Florida due to the performance of Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow during the final 10 minutes of the SEC title game.

There has been nonsense written by Big 12 worshippers about how good Big 12 defenses are. That proves anyone can produce anything they want from statistics. There is no defense in the Big 12.

Real defense is played in the SEC, in State College, Pa., in Columbus, Ohio, and in the Coliseum of Los Angeles, California. It is nowhere to be found in the Arena 12. In fact, you're more likely to find aliens in Area 51 than defense in the Arena 12.

Prior to the mid–1970s, at least one poll would close when the regular season ended. Awards for "National Champion" were given to who was No. 1 at the end of regular season regardless of what happened in the Bowls.

Now that the regular season is over and all the contending teams have at least one loss—apologies to Boise State and Utah—it is time to rework the rankings to reflect who is really the strongest. The truth, and the truth shall set you free.

                                                         THE 11 BEST 11s

                                        FINAL REGULAR SEASON POLL

RANK THIS WEEK                                                             RANK LAST WEEK

1) Florida                                                                          No. 3

2) Alabama                                                                       No. 1

3) Oklahoma                                                                     No. 2

4) Southern California                                                      No. 5

5) Texas                                                                            No. 4

6) Penn State                                                                    No. 6

7) Ohio State                                                                     No. 7

8) Texas Tech                                                                    No. 10

9) Utah                                                                               No. 8

10) Boise State                                                                  No. 9

11) Cincinnati                                                                    No. 11

On The Porch: Ga Tech, Iowa, Texas Christian, Mississippi.

So there we have it—the regular season national champion is Florida. There is the formality of going through another BCS Title game (also known as the SEC Invitational) victory over one of the usual suspects from the Midwest. Ho-hum.

Four weeks and counting before the SEC celebrates another postseason national title. Alabama will be where they belong at No. 2, and Mississippi will be in there, smiling all the way.