Is Laveranues Coles At Odds with Brett Favre?

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

As if the Jets' subpar play is not enough of an issue recently, now, a Jets player is speaking out against another member of his team. 

Wide receiver Laveranues Coles—a longtime Jet, and among the best Jet players in team history—apparently is not that crazy about having the legendary Brett Favre as his quarterback. 

The history around this issue started almost as soon as Favre came to town. 

Coles, unhappy that his best friend, Chad Pennington, was released soon after the addition of Favre, didn't come right out and say that getting Favre was a mistake, but the tension was certainly there. 

To make matters worse, Coles and Favre did not click on the field right away either, which made many talk. 

Many started to wonder, will Favre get in the way? 

Others wondered, what is Coles' problem? 

Almost soon after though, the results started to appear, and the talk slowly went away. 

When Coles caught three touchdowns in a 56-point outburst against the Arizona Cardinals—with Coles giving one of the touchdown balls to Favre to keep—the issue seemed to be dead. 

Recently though, with Coles struggling to produce, and the team losing after a huge five-game winning streak, everything is coming back again, and in the middle of a playoff race to boot. 

According to numerous sources, on Wednesday, Coles had talks with reporters out in San Francisco saying such things as, "He (Favre) pretty much has control of everything," and "I catch balls from the Jugs machine. The ball probably comes out harder from there than it does from anywhere else." 

For more of what Coles said, which was along the same lines of what was previously said, one can go here for the full scoop. 

The real question here though is, does Coles have a point? 

Or is Coles just crying for help in a way in an attempt to get his name in the papers with more frequency? 

For this writer's money, Coles should shut his mouth. 

Why? The reasons are many. 

First, Favre was brought to town for one reason, which was a chance to win a Super Bowl. 

This Jets team did not take him in because of charity. Favre wanted to play, and was picky with where he wanted to go, but once he started to go back on his retirement, most every team in the league was at least pondering, "What if we can get Favre?" 

Despite some streaky play, the Jets have hit a goldmine with getting Favre. 

Yes, Chad Pennington has Miami at 8-5, but as the Jets' quarterback, would the team be as good? 

Would Thomas Jones be the leading rusher in the AFC? 

Would the offense hold onto the ball as long as it does with Pennington behind center? 

The answers: No, probably not, and don't bet on it. 

The team went for broke and got a legend.  In the process, they came out and said, "We want a Super Bowl this season." 

The team did what they thought was best to compete. 

Does Coles want to play for a chance to win it all? 

Or does he want to just play the game for stats, while not caring about wins, etc? 

Judging by his answers, he just cares about one person here—himself.  Coles is not a team player, and these words a few short days ago prove this perfectly. 

When things are going well, he is a great player to have on your team. 

He shuts his mouth, plays hard, and gives it his all week in, and week out. 

When they are going wrong? 

He is a poor man's T.O. 

Not nearly as talented, and speaking out about things when he is one-hundred percent wrong. 

With Owens, at least in some of his crazy times throughout his career, he has been right. 

Recently, he spoke out and said things to the effect of, "How will we win if I am not getting the ball?" 

At least Owens, when saying this, discussed winning first above all else. 

Digging deeper into this statement, Owens just said that he wants to get the ball so that he can help out. 

He went out and practically said, "Why are you paying me this insane money if I am going to barely touch the ball?" 

At the same time, without saying it, Owens, through his remarks, said that the team would benefit greatly if they throw him the ball more. 

With Owens dominating a game, the Cowboys can throw it all around, have Tony Romo improvise, and, most importantly, they can use the devastating Marion Barber out of the backfield in an effective way. 

Simply put, they can go out and be multi-dimensional, which, when they are, they are very hard to stop. 

Coles though? He just threw his quarterback under the bus in a way, even though the team is 8-5 despite play that is scattered week in, and week out. 

In addition, looking deeper at Coles himself, he should be looking at himself in the mirror.

Laveranues, in the last two games, you have three catches for 10 total yards. In these games, your team has lost badly, and has become all too easy to predict from one play to the next. 

Even worse, when you could go out there, and make a difference, you are too busy dropping the ball. In the Denver game, instead of bringing a very catchable ball in deep in Broncos territory, you dropped the ball in a play that made many wonder, "What are the Jets paying you for exactly?" 

This is Favre's fault? 

I think not. 

Yes, the offense has not been great as of late, but it has not been to the level of Buffalo, who has scored six points total over the last two games. 

Your stats, while not amazing, are still very solid. You have around 650 yards receiving, along with six touchdowns up to this point. 

With three games to go, this is not all that bad. 

As already said as well, maybe if you bought in a few more balls that you dropped, these stats could be better. 

Instead of discovering this though, you feel the need to call out one of the best quarterbacks ever in an attempt to shift the blame to somewhere else. 

This is uncalled for, and until you bring in the balls Favre throws your way, and actually do something after the catch, you have no right to be saying anything. 

Despite this though, you are not being a team player at the current time. Do you really expect Favre to throw you the ball when you are barely doing anything with it whenever it comes your way? 

I would hope not. 

Worry about winning for now, and please keep quiet. 

If you do this, maybe, just maybe, you can win the important games down the stretch, and less importantly, maybe you can get your precious stats back, even though you are playing to a decent level this season. 

Finally, maybe, just maybe, if you just keep quiet, your team could possibly go to a Super Bowl for a chance at a World Championship, which is what each and every single player in the NFL wants year in, and year out. 


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