UFC 141 Fight Card: Can Brock Lesnar Deal with Alistair Overeem's Striking?

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIOctober 20, 2011

Alistair Overeem Entering the Arena during Pride Grand Prix 2005 - Final Round - Match - August 28,2005 at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Saitama Super Arena, Japan. (Photo by Tomokazu Tazawa/Getty Images)
Tomokazu Tazawa/Getty Images

UFC 141 features one of the biggest super-fights in the sport of MMA. The UFC just acquired Strikeforce MMA, and with it comes their massive heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem. The UFC wasted no time in pitting their biggest fighter, Brock Lesnar, against him in what will be a huge showdown for No. 1 contender status.

With seven victories in a row, Overeem's on fire. He's finished six of those last seven fights, half with submissions, and half with knockouts. UFC fans are in for a treat, because "The Demolition Man" is the best heavyweight fighter that wasn't in the UFC.

Brock Lesnar is a beast. He's one of the most athletic fighters to ever step into the octagon, and probably the most physically gifted heavyweight ever.

This fight will be a spectacle to behold, no matter where the fight goes. Fans love heavyweight showdowns, because they're the best fighters in the world. Smaller guys may be more skilled, but heavyweights are king. This No. 1 contender fight could very likely produce the next UFC champion.

The fight will have to start standing, and it promises to be extremely entertaining from the moment the bell rings.

Overeem is a professional kickboxer, and is one of the best in the world. He has deadly knees, kicks and drops bombs with his sledgehammers for fists.

Brock Lesnar isn't a great striker, but the beauty of the heavyweight division is that anyone has the power to knock the other fighter out.

Brock will try to take it to the ground, but he hasn't fought anyone with the strength of Overeem in MMA. He also has to be weary of knees when going for the shot.

I imagine he'll try to stand and bang for at least a little while with Overeem, because he won't want to get stuffed on a shot and end up in the Dutch striker's deadly clinch. It will be vital for Brock to check Alistair's leg kicks, because they will certainly wear him down quickly.

Look for Lesnar to try and get inside with a one-two jab cross combo. He has definitely been working diligently on his striking for this fight, and he has a right-hand with one-punch knockout power.

If Brock can land a big shot, the fight is all his. Lesnar will keep Overeem down and surely be able to pound out a TKO victory.

There are many intriguing storylines in this fight, and it has the potential to be a UFC classic. Lesnar and Overeem is a must-watch fight for hardcore, and casual MMA fans alike.