BCS Bowl Game Predictions

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

I have heard it all year, and I have complained just as much as anyone on the doubtful nature of the BCS standings. But at least the computers didn't screw us out of a good championship game. Florida vs. Oklahoma is the first thing the BCS has done right all year.



Florida vs. Oklahoma

I look to see some big numbers in this game from start to finish. Two great QB's will be going at it, and promise to put on quite a show. This game may come down to the final drive. Florida's defense may have a slight edge over OU's, but other than that it is a pretty even game.

Florida wins it 30-21


The Rose Bowl

USC vs. Penn St.

Personally, I don't see how Penn St. is even in this game. But quite honestly, with the way things have been going this year, I'm not surprised. Anyway, I don't see Penn anywhere close to the Trojans when time expires.

USC wins 44-14


The Orange Bowl

Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati

This has to be the worst bowl game matchup of all time, especially considering that there are so many more deserving teams than these two. I seriously don't think anyone will watch this game outside of these teams' fans.

Virginia Tech wins 21-7


 Fiesta Bowl

Ohio St. vs. Texas

Here is the second best thing the BCS has done this year, only not. This looks to be a good game, except the exact opposite of that. Ohio State will win this game. And by win, I mean "get blown out of the building by an angry Texas team." Rice has a better chance than the Buckeyes.

Texas Crushes Ohio St. 55-14


Sugar Bowl

Alabama vs. Utah

Once again, I can't quite understand how Utah is here. I understand that Boise State heard the same thing when they played Oklahoma last year, but lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. Utah's wins against decent teams have come by very thin margins.  Look for the Tide to roll in this one.

Alabama beats Utah  66-7