So You Want a College Football Playoff?

Jay SchrimpfCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

This easiest way to declare a national champion is to play the game.  As I watch the ESPN and CBS analysts come up with ideas to declare our national champion, I am stunned.  In every scenario, these pundits are using polls and the BCS.  That is the whole problem now!

Regardless of which poll, or combination of polls one decides to use, it is subjective.  In other words, people make up these polls. 

So here is my suggestion on how to solve our national championship problem.  Here is my playoff and the rules that go along with it.

1) I suggest keeping every bowl game for those teams that have a good season but did not get into the playoff.  The idea behind every bowl game is to reward a team for a good year. 

2) All regular season games must be completed the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  If there is going to be a playoff, there must be time for one.  I am not trying to end traditions, but instead create a playoff.

3) There will be 16 teams in the playoff.  The six power conferences will send two representatives.  These two will be the champion and runner-up.  It does not matter how each conference elects this, just that they do.

4) Notre Dame must join the Big Ten or be omitted from the playoff system.  I have no problem with the Irish keeping their NBC contract and the money that goes with it. 

5) The other three independents must be found a conference.  Geography must be taken into consideration when doing this.

6) The Sun Belt Conference must dissolve, and the eight teams there must be divided eventually and accepted into the SEC and ACC...OUCH.  Or simply, the Sun Belt Conference may have to be excluded for now.

7) The first round matchups go like this:

    a) ACC No. 2 at SEC No. 1          Boston College at Florida

    b) SEC No. 2 at ACC No. 1          Alabama at Virginia Tech

    c) Big E No. 2 at Big Ten No. 1     Pittsburgh at Penn State

    d) Big Ten No. 2 at Big E No. 1     Ohio State at Cincinnati

    e) Big 12 No. 2 at Pac-10 No. 1    Missouri at USC

    f) Pac-10 No. 2 at Big 12 No. 1    Oregon at Oklahoma

    g) Conf USA No. 1 at MAC No. 1  ECU at Buffalo (Home field changes every year)

    h) Mt West No. 1 at WAC No. 1    Utah at Boise St. (Home field changes every year)

8) The second round projections go like this:

    Winner of game (a) plays winner of game (b)

    Winner of game (c) plays winner of game (d)

    Winner of game (e) plays winner of game (f)

    Winner of game (g) plays winner of game (h)

    a) Alabama at Florida (home field goes to higher ranked team; if ACC No. 1 were to

        play SEC No. 1, the home field changes every year)

    b) Ohio State plays at Penn State (see above about home field)

    c) USC at Oklahoma (home field rotates back to Pac-10 next year in case of a No. 1

       seed matchup or a No. 2 seed matchup)

    d) ECU at Utah (home field changes between winner of "g" game and "h" game every


9) Third round projections:

Florida, Penn State, USC and Utah are left...have an East Coast game and a West Coast game that has already been decided, then your national championship game after that.


Of course there is the money issue...